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Press Articles

Title Press
It's Time to INFORM Federal Budgeting The Daily Caller
One Bill Could Prove Bipartisanship in Congress Isn't Dead Slate
A Modest Proposal -- Truth in Government Liabilities Dallas Morning News
Opinion: End the Budget Brinksmanship POLITICO
Klassen: Largesse will cost our grandkids Calgary Herald
A Truly Smart Idea Republicans and Democrats Actually Agree On (No, Seriously) BusinessWeek
Detroit Today, Washington Tomorrow by Laurence Kotlikoff PBS NEWSHOUR
New Life for Generational Accounting The Committee for a Responsbile Budget
Statement: Business Leaders Support INFORM Act The Can Kicks Back
Concord Coalition Praises Plan to Focus More Attention on Intergenerational Fairness Concord Coalition
To help end budget gimmicks, pass this bill, by David Walker Reuters
About the Inform Act The Can Kicks Back
Senators Thune and Kaine introduce The Inform Act Thune/Senate
Statements from the Campaign to Fix the Debt Fix the Debt
Praise for Informact Praise for Informact
The Can Kicks Back The Can Kicks Back
House U.S. Can Budget for the Future by SenatorsThune and Kaine
Inform Act Support PolicyMic PolicyMic