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Supporters of The Inform Act

Namesort descending Institution/Company Title/Occupation
Dr. Benjamin Waak none Doctor of Philosophy
A l Bruchnak Concerned Citizen CFP
A. Brown Taxpayer Env. Scientist
Aaron Barman AMB Consult Principal
Aaron Careaga WealthMark LLC Research Analyst
Aaron Kirk Douglas Self Employed Writer, Filmmaker
Aaron Millikin Republican Sr. VP, East West Communities
Aaron Stevens Boston University Lecturer
Abraham R. McAllister ARM Financial LLC Managing Member
Adam Beckman Texas State University Finance & Accounting Undergrad Senior BBA - Accounting & Finance
Adam Bricker Newdea Inc. President
Adam Brumm independent attorney
Adam Cohen Covenant Review Managing Member
Adam Growley BlackRock Portfolio Specialist
Adam Hopkins Citizen Citizen
Adam P University of Michigan Accounting Clerk
Adam Scarfe University of Winnipeg Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Adam Shults citizen of the United States artist
adam walinsky center for research on institutions & social policy, Inc. president
Adam Wildavsky None Retired Software Engineer
Adam Wildavsky None Retired Software Engineer
Adrian Lobo Private Citizen Mr
Adrien Delattre N/A Director
Ahmad G Citizen Citizen
Ahmad Gholami None Ordinary citizen
Alain Le Berre AlpahaConsulting President
Alan Eckert None None
Alan Farrington none retiree
Alan Hermely Private citizen Mr.
Alan Hoshor Hoshor Systems Consulting Owner
Alan Jessen finance professional Mr.
Alan Kafton self Electrical Engineer
Alan McLaughlin US Citizen President
Alan Otwell Taxpayer Taxpayer
Albert C. Christian Chicago Board of Trade Member
Albert J. DeLuca concerned citizen Financial Analyst
Albert L. Earley Retired Former Principal, Commonwelth Financial Advisors, LLC
Albert STowell Private Citizen None
Albert Trimels Republican Retired Highway Engineer (Federal)
Alberto Calvo Stop and Compare Supermarkets President
Alec Neilly U. S. citizen N/a
Alejandra Cox Edwards California State University Long Beach Professor of Economics
alex morris retired retired
Alex Newton Siteworks, Inc. President and Owner
Alexander Brown Independent Financial Advisor
Alexander Nelson Taxpayer Ms
Alfred Lutz None Retired
alfred smith Citizen Coffee Roaster
Allan Baumgartner Independent CEO A Better Business Broker Inc
Allan Lorenzana Casa de Oracion para todas las Naciones Pastor
Allan Weide Republican M.D.
Allen Ayers None Retired
Allen R. Porter Retired Private investor
Allen Sherzer None Engineer
Allen Trimble none none
Allison Morfitt Private Self
Amanda Gill Republican OWNER SMALL BUSINESS
Amanda Strembicke Financial Advisor Certified Financial Planner
Amy Hsieh Concerned US Citizen Mother of 3 who will be strapped with debt
Amy Robins Citizen MD
An none None
Anderson Price Aloha Ventures, LLC Manager
Andre Vactor non affiliated Insurance Professional
Andrew Adams None Hedge Fund Manager
Andrew Burnette Libertarian Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Carroll self Computer Scientist
Andrew Comito Libertarian Taxpayer and voter
Andrew D. Myers Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, P.C. Shareholder
Andrew Downs Citizen Citizen
Andrew Fately RBC Capital Markets Managing Director
Andrew G. Rathbun Un affiliated Business Consultant
Andrew Jaramillo none Student Studying Economics
Andrew Maioli citizen Ph.D. BioOrganic Chemistry, B.A. Economics
Andrew McDill Libertarian Investment Manager
Andrew Ouderkirk National Academy of Engineering Corporate Scientist
andrew rodman Baruch College Adjunct Lecturer Economics and Finance Department
Andrew Schwartz None Esq.
Andrew Scripter Republican Mr.
Andrew Senyei Enterprise Partners Venture Capital Managing General Partner
Andrew Steven Johnson US Citizen Medical Doctor
Andrew Wang Primetinuous LLC President
Andrew Wheaton none MLT - ASCP
Andrey Independent Private Citizen
Andy Byron HC Financial Advisors, Inc. Partner
Angela Lockwood Republican Bookkeeper
Anita Zeiser mom Mrs/ Anita Zeiser
Ann Lieb citizen Mrs.
ANNAG CHANDLER Fifth Age of Man Foundation President
Anne Dietz Taxpayer Molecular Diagnostic Sales
Anne Sawyer Concerned citizen PhD Candidate in Soil Science, University of Minnesota
annette verwoert republican mrs.
Anthony Aldam None Mr
Anthony DelGreco Private Citizen (Republican) Businessman
Anthony Giacalone Concerned US Citizen Citizen
Anthony L Komaroff Harvard University Professor of Medicine
Anthony P. Morris Morris Company Principal
Anthony Soss Unaffiliated Mr.
Anthony Spina None - retired None - retired
Antonio M. Bird, Jr. Of Counsel to Bird, Bird & Hestres Retired, Former Attorney
April Fairgrieve the University of Chicago Student
April Gardner Republlican Author
Armand Martell None PE
Arnold T Abel CFP CMT of Thrivent Weath Advisor
Arnold Tepfer self Mr.
art pasmas self employed investor owner
Arthur J Kelleher III Independent CFP
Arthur Lee Denton III none none
Arthur Lee Denton III none. Just an American Citizen none
Arthur R. Garcia HME Specialists, LLC Sr. Director of Business Development
Arthur Vorhaben NA Citizen
Arthur W Jones none citizen
Arthur Weiland Independent Mr
Asher Rapp US Citizen Institutional Capital Markets
Ashley White U.S. citizen n/a
Austin Bryeans Independent Financial Advisor/Counselor
Austin Hooe US Citizen Student of International Relations
Avery Freed NONE physician (diagnostic radiologist) ;retired
b paul quinn collom and carney clinic MD
B. E. Jackson Public School Teacher Business Teacher
B. Shevlin Independent Managing Partner
Barbara A. Hart none homemaker, mother, grandmother
barbara beard republican invested individual
Barbara Camaglia Legacy Financial Advisors LLC President (CFP(R), CPA)
Barbara Camaglia Legacy Financial Advisors LLC President (CFP(R), CPA)
Barbara Durant US Citizen Ms.
Barbara Garrison US Citizen and Taxpayer Reverend Doctor
Barbara Haney Republican Dir. of Comm Dev.
Barbara Johnson None Writer
Barbara Masin Electronic ID Devices, Ltd. VP
Barbara Murdock NAPFA Sustaining member retired CFP
Barbara Petersen American Citizen Mrs.
Barry L Rose Diamond Plastics Corporation Credit Manager
barry rumac none none
Barry Smith Business owner President
Barry Stedman, Ph.D. Finance UNiversity of Cincinnati retired
Barry Thompson None Financial Analyst
Bart Crane Small business owner
Bart Henderson Citizen Citizen
Bart Reeder None None
Bart Zehren E-RM Founder
Bartlett K Brown Independent Investor
Beckett Thomsen None Consultant
Becky Goldberg Tufts University - Up to Us Student
Ben private citizen and voter retired
Benjamin Nilsson Dr
Benjamin Feuz Independent Accountant (M.Acc.)
Benjamin K Barton None Mr.
Benjamin Levy Student Mr.
Benjamin Petter Gibraltar President and COO
Benjamin Seltzer Pennsylvania State University Student of Economics
Bennett Watson Retired Citizen Very Concerned Citizen
Bert McLachlan Retired business owner (Harvard MBA)
Beth E Jones citizen none
Beth Fox None Citizen
Bettina Caliga American Association of University Women President, Tarrant County Texas Branch
Bettina Russell American Citizen and mother Mrs
Betty Smith American Teacher
Betty T. Wright Republican U.S. Citizen
Beverly Clinton Citizen IBM Retiree
Beverly Martin Supporter of FairTax Volunteer
Beverly Ramsaur concerned voter U. S. CITIZEN
Bill Boreing Retired Concerned Citizen
bill burleigh Judicial branch of government retired
Bill Cunningham BSSC President
Bill Gmiterko AGA Consulting, Inc. Owner
Bill James JPods, Inc. CEO
Bill McCormack Barclays Director
Bill Reeves Citizen Captain, USNR (Retired)
Bill Schafer Independent President Software company
Bill Schultz Private Citizen Engineer
Bill Wynne None Mr.
Billy Samat Student Student
BJ Flora concerned citizen HR Consultant
Blake Voorhees Reality Big cheeze
Bob Citizen Etrepenuer
Bob Carls Dudney, MD True Patriots Oppose Debt Money Gold Money Champion
Bob Cary Small Business owner owner
Bob Erickson VOTER Educated Citizen
Bob Fowler Republican Company President
Bob Gaddy U.S. citizen M.D.
Bob Goodwin Graduate University of Texas Self Employed Investor
Bob Harvey None Retired
Bob johnston Investor Investor
Bob johnston Investor Investor
Bob McGhee APL Integrators Owner
Bob Rankin Fairway Mortgage Loan Officer
bob robinson self employed presideny robinsontrading
Bob Rossie none Investor
Bob Scott n/a Actuary
Bob Simon retired retired
Bob Valentine Businessman owner
Bob van Tassel Tax payer with children Software Engineer
Bobbye Watson Citizen Concerned Citizen
Bonnie Schmidt none none
Boyan Boyanov n/a n/a
Brad Curtis Self Physician
Brad Mulcahey None None
Brad Rundbaken Charles Towne Capital President
Brad Skiles Center Street Partners Owner, Founder, Financial Advisor
Bradley J. Dawkins, MD Independent Private Citizen
Bradly Potter Citizen CPA CFP
Brandon Hargreaves Coalition for Advancing Freedom Unlimited Master Mariner (Ship Captain)
Brandon P. Patterson Republican Specialist Leader
Brandon Rigo concerned member of society Commodity Trader
brea breen bankrupt illusion
brea breen citizen driven into bankruptcy
Brent Boyer with what? Dr.
brent chappell financial professional Financial advisor
Brent Neal Independent Financial Planner
Brett Bigelow None Citizen
brett h fialkoff haskell jewels, llc executive vice president
Brett Huskey Citizen of the United States of America Concerned taxpayer
Brian U.S. Citizen Lt Col
brian andersen none farmer
Brian Anderson None US Citizen
Brian Compton US Citizen Mr.
Brian Cook None Software entrepreneur
Brian Dusseau Independent Real Estate Sales Person
Brian Empric Orange County (FL) Young Republicans Vice President
Brian Evans Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Engineering Director
Brian Gallat citizen Engineer
Brian Hines None US Citizen
Brian J hayes BJJH TRADING LLC Owner
Brian Marsh None MD
Brian McGarvey Independent VP, Associate Media Directior
Brian McHale Michigan Technological University Mechanical Engineer
Brian Midkiff None None
Brian Miller Retired Investor Retired Mareting Director
Brian Prichard None Financial Advisor, Partner, 44 North Financial Partners
Brian Robin Monday Properties President
Brian Wiley Financial advisor. Financial markets commentator/ radio show host. Boise, ID. Financial Talk Show Host / Financial Advisor
BrianBronson Retired chemistry professor Professor
Bridget Gordon Self Alliance Manager
Bridget Jourgensen CB Richard Ellis New England Operations Manager
Brooks Bell independent retired
Bruce Bayless Independent C.P.A.
Bruce Behrhorst healthy productive standard of living for everyone Nuclear Electric Power advocate/promo.
Bruce Burrow U.S. Citizen U.S. Taxpayer
bruce c meyer retired marketing manager
Bruce DK Lee a self-employed person in South Korea The Owner
Bruce Emerick Independent Retired Engineer
Bruce Eric Kennedy US Citizen TAXPAYER & US Citizen
Bruce Harris Individual Taxpayer
Bruce J. Hrouda Citizen Tax Payer
Bruce J. Kolinski, P.E. Arizona Tax Payer and U.S. Citizen Licensed Professional Civil Engineer
Bruce Krietsch none Mr
Bruce Miller Retired Physician
Bruce Paulson retired Family Therapist
Bruce W. Eley Bruce W. Eley - Consulting Principal
Bryan Fitzsimmons Centerville Iron & Metal President & CFO
Bryan K. Mulvihill Citizen Retired
Bryan Lawrence Oakcliff Capital Investor
Bryan Trenary Clearwater Trading Company, LP Managing Member
Bryson powell Citizen Taxpayer
Burke Asher Abused US Citizen Taxpayer and Voter
Burke Robinson Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery Surgeon
Byron Hall Mazzetti Consulting Senior Consulting Engineer
Byron King Callan III American Citizen
C B Whittle TechCom International Corp. Vice President
C. Edwin Wilson Concerned citizen and parent C.P.A. Texas
C. Michael Wade US Citizen Manager
C. Robinson concerned consultant
Calvin Holt none Drilling Engineer
Cameron N. Carmody, M.D. None M.D.
Cardwell Lynch II US Citizen Mr.
Carl Armour citizen/taxpayer citizen/taxpayer
Carl Bechgaard Civil Engineer MSc Civil and Structural Engineering
Carl Bentley Other supporter Mr
Carl E Royer Investor Taxpayer
Carl Edward Jr. Dohn Dohn & Maher Associates President
Carl Feinberg Relational Architects Intl (enterprise software products) CEO
Carl Froebel Professionally Managed Portfolios Trustee
Carl Giffels Retired U. S. Citizen
Carl R Marshall independent mr
CARL TOWNSEND Retired Environmental Professinal Ex-EPA Engineer/Inspector
Carliss Y Baldwin Harvard Business School Professor
Carlos Mercado Patriarch Partners LLC Controller
Carmen Carro American Economics Association Consultant
carmen oneal independent small business owner
carmine Retired Partner Big 6 Firm Managing Partner,retired
Carol Barlow Self Concerned Citizen
Carol McGill-Colagrossi, LCSW, LAC, CCJAS Private Clinic Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Carol Payette Retired Citizen Ms
Carol Pope Government-funded Non-Profit Retired CFO
Carol Skinner Employed US Citizen Ms.
Carol Stone N/A Partner Law Office of Carol Stone
Caroline heath none tax payer and voter
Carolyn Hall University of Florida Associate Biosafety Officer
Cary Bruteig Democrat President of AA&C
CaSEY rEED tAX PAYER Attorney at Law
Catherine Democrat Business Analyst
Catherine N. Carnes retired teacher concerned citizen
Catherine Tansey student Nursing student
Cathy None None
Cecile Carson Integrated Health Institute M.D.
Cecily Gallagher None Retired
Cesar Vinocur None Industrial Engineer
Chad Bledsoe Independent College Administrator
Chad Ellis Phillips 66 Ph.D. Chemist
Charles B. Hammons private citizen Systems/Software Architect
Charles Batts Retired CCCSD Former General Manager
Charles Beckham Born in USAA Retired Exxon Manager
Charles Carignan none none
Charles Churchill Reader of John Maudlin High School Teacher
Charles D. Beers Co owner ,small business Owner
Charles D. Evans Citizen Mr.
Charles Daeda Contract Engineer Engineer
Charles Dieter Citizen Mr.
Charles E Thompson, Jr None Retired American
Charles E. Spragins Jr. Independent Concerned citizen
Charles Edmond Citizen Homebuilder
Charles Garnes American Mr.
Charles H. Malone Mr.
Charles J. Agle Jr. None Electrical Engineer
Charles J. Wood None None
Charles Juster Engineer Dr
Charles Kinzel Home Owner/Grandfather Pharmacist
Charles Koch None Attorney
Charles L. Martin Private Citizen Propulsion Engineer
Charles M Schwab Libertarian Retired
Charles MacCracken Republican Mr.
charles mccaghey FTN Financial SVP
Charles Melton Concerned Citizen Corporate Annuitant
charles michael None Mr
charles miller parent medical doctor
Charles R. Sheppard none Mr.
Charles Richards CA Richards & Assoc., Inc. President
Charles Shumway Concerned Citizen None
Charles Smith Concerned Citizen Mr.
Charles T Carlisle, Jr Bristol Development Group CEO
Charles W Smith Retired from Paccar National Fleet Sales Manager, Peterbilt Motors Co.
Charles W. Bingham Sunbelt Securities Wealth Manager
Charles Wood none Mr
Charlotte Jones private citizen private citizen
Chas Retired
Chase Hargroder Texas A&M Graduate
Cheong Chan Yale University Graduate Student
chester lozowski retired actuary
Chet Starn U.S. Citizen Retired
Chi-fu Huang Retired N/A
Chris Auty Great Bay Oral Surgery President
chris bitterlin bitterlin development corp president
Chris Bohrson None VP/GM
Chris Brignole N/A VP
Chris Bullard Just concerned for US future NA
Chris Butcher Private Citizen Software Engineer
Chris Caughey William Jessup University Adjunct Professor
Chris Cochran Republican VP Business Development
Chris Coons US Senate Senator
Chris Dippel MIT Alum
Chris Esposito Banking Senior Vice President
Chris Graver University of Oklahoma Student
Chris Johnston NONE Retired teacher
Chris Nolin Web Developer Web Developer
chris paul none MR
Chris Rockwell US Citizen Engineer
Chris Sommerhoff Taxpayer Financial Analyst
Chris Tillman Self Software Developer
Chris Waters Retired President of a family corporation
Christian Adams Concerned Citizen M.S. Chemist, MBA
Christopher Campbell Citizen None
Christopher Conde Republican Property Appraiser
Christopher Davis Republican Sr. Investment Advisor
Christopher DeMuth Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow and Former President, American Enterprise Institute
Christopher Hall Eastern University Professor of Theology
Christopher James Conover Duke University Research Scholar
Christopher Li Northwestern University economics graduate student
Christopher M Balz None N/A
Christopher M. Libett Private citizen MBA; Financial Aid Professional
Christopher Merrill Univ of Chicago Quant
Christopher Smith Citizen Investment Analyst
Christopher Teggatz Sr Madison College Professor of English
Christopher Vargas Silicon Valley Investors Managing Partner
Christopher Z. Nash Concerned Citizen Professor
Chuck Pfeiffer Real Estate Sales
Clarence E Haynes Jr none Citizen
Clarence J. LaBonte Concerned American Citizen Concerned American Citizen
Clark Naroleski Citizen Controller
Claude Thau Thau, Inc. President
Clayton Kern NMFS Contractor At Sea Monitor
Cleve B. Tyler Berkeley Research Group Principal; Adjunct Professor of Economics, Johns Hopkins University
Cliff Barrett None Citizen
Cliff Turner DNArP General Manager
Clifford Zinnes University of Chicago, NORC Senior Fellow
Clint Dart reader of John Mauldin weekly letters Director of Biometrics (Statistics)
Clinton Knight US citizen & taxpayer PhD
Clyde Hale Buisness Owner Mr
Clyde Jackson American Concerned Citizen
Clyde Tilley Democrat IT Manager
Colin Di Meo None. Genuinely concerned citizen and likely candidate for dealing with this mess we call our National Debt.
Colleen Soares Soares Financial, Inc. CPA/CFP
Colleen Womack Health Insurance, recently retired Director of Operations, Appeals
collette business owner President
Connie Hoffman American Citizen Ms
connie stoudemire BVMHC ;Birmingam Mental Health Council Board Member [4 yrs.] Law Clerk, Exec.Chef
Conor Curtis Curtis Capital Group Director - Equity Investment
Conrad T. Corcoran subscriber Financial Advisor
Constance Towers Gavin Gamma Holdings President
Cornelius Sherlock Citizen Regional Channel Manager
craig anderson endodontist
Craig Millikin Principal
Craig Cherrin Citizen Nurse
Craig Erhorn Fine Tune Services, LLC Vice President
Craig Horacek Air Liquide Project Manager
Craig LeBouef none Mr.
Craig Nayrocker Kosciusko Silent No More volunteer
Craig Swanson Business owner none
craig t ajmo, dds general dentist, int assoc for dental research dentist
Craig Valentine Citizen N/A
Craig walcott Libertarian Chartered Financial Consulant
Craig Wilson Duncan-Smith Co. Presidentd
Cristina Gavin Gamma Holdings Vice President
crossan seybolt wells fargo advisors SVP - Investments
Crugar Tuttle Sterling Technologies VP
Crystal Ellis Finance Industry Financial Analyst
Curt Fall Leiden University Lawyer
Curt Frisby Citizen Energy Industry professional
Curt Morrison, MD, FACC, CFA Morrison Asset Management Investment Advisor
Curtis Beeson self Software Engineer
curtis h. kugel kugel associates owner
Cynthia Kauffmann homemaker Mrs.
Cynthia LaBonne LaBonne-Sculpture Partner
D Max Williams Knowis, Inc. President
D. Bruce Merrifield, Jr. Independent President, Merrifield Consulting Group, LLC
D. Stephens none Mr.
Dae Hyun Kim Graduate Student Graduate Student
Dael Baughman Retired Mechanical Engineer P. E.
Dale Backer Business Owner VP
Dale Bolen US Citizen Controller
Dale E. Kramer none Certified Financial Planner
Dale Fell None None
Dale Thomas Electronic Design Consultants President
Dale Wallander Self employed Commodity Buyer
Damon Tarver None US Citizen
dan bellock none Realtor
Dan Brookman None Street Salesman
Dan Brown Republican Agriculture
Dan Cavagnaro Morgan Stanley Stockbroker
Dan Goodwin Republican Chief Financial Officer
Dan Holloway Fiscally responsible U.S. citizen Father / voter
Dan Lagaly US citizen Manager
Dan Pettigrew None Senior Programmer/Analyst
Dan Runion none attorney cpa
Dan Swaim Comfort Keepers Business Owner
Dan Wynne fully employed taxpayer, and I DO vote Geologist/Educator
Dana Dunn The Daily Pfennig - Chuck Butler Commodities Broker
Daniel Daniel P Hyland LLC President
Daniel L. Pelzl Elegant Kitchen & Bath Owner
Daniel Bismark-Pettit Global Village Corporation President & Owner
Daniel Borden None Citizen
Daniel Brox ZS Associates Principal
Daniel Cullen Socialist Gadfly
Daniel Depperman none Certified Rolfer
Daniel E. Geer, Jr. self self
Daniel Hammock independent American Citizen and Vereran
Daniel Higgins N/A Scientist
Daniel Humburg South Dakota State University Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Daniel Ihde None Concerned Citizen
Daniel J Picciotto Ameriprisel Financial advisor
Daniel J. Artz Law Office of Daniel J. Artz Attorney at Law
Daniel Keefe Keefe Consulting Inc. President
Daniel Kelly University of Richmond Mr.
Daniel Kissane Citizen Attorney
Daniel Kortsch University of Colorado School of Medicine and Denver Health MD
Daniel L Richard U.S. Citizen Airway Transportation System Specialist
Daniel Lonski Citizen Citizen
Daniel Lord Concerned US Citizen Commercial Strategy Consultant
Daniel Mufson n/a n/a
Daniel Pastros Old Dominion University UG Business Student
daniel rubner non affiliated pharm D
Daniel S. Smith Historian Student
Daniel Shaviro NYU Law School Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation
Daniel Sheridan Independent IT Consultant
Daniel Smith Student Student
Daniel Wheeler Bryan Cave partner
Danley B. Wolfe Chem Energy Advisors, Inc. President and CEO
Danny DiNardo Business Owner Concerned for future American generations
Danny M. Franklin AARP Mr.
Danny Ross Citizen Mr
Darlene Elliott Concerned Citizen American Worker
Darrel Wells Independent Clinic of Texas MD
Darrell Monti Free-Thinker Mr.
Darrell Stowe Concerned us citizen N/a
Darren-Lisa Talley US citizens Mr. & Mrs.
Darrin Clement self citizen
Darshan A. Patel University of Illinois-Chicago Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Daryl W. Reoch sole proprietor Chiropractic Physician
Dasha Pawlik none Finance Manager
Dave Bigelow citizen construction
Dave Braatz Citizen Mr
Dave Gaffney OneSource Consutling Founder
Dave Irvin Retired MR.
Dave Kohlmeier None Product Line Director
Dave Leonart None Business Person
Dave Robb None Retired with BS/Finance & MBA degrees
David A Therkelsen Minnesota resident Research Analyst
David Atnip concerned US citizen Mr
David B Slater Living Breathing Soul of Flesh and Blood Sovereign
David B. Collum Cornell University Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
David Baron US Government Taxpayer PE
David Beck Bay Area Planners Principal
David Bedard Associate Entrepreneur
David Bitner US Citizen US Citizen
David Bolding USA Concerned Citizen
David Boy University of Twente professor, engineer
david brallier none MD
David Brillhart Concerned citizen Father of two sons
David C. Fischer Buckingham Asset Management Wealth Advisor
David Callihan Florida resident citizen
David Campos, MS. Concerned Citizen President, DCCIP, LLC.
David Cenerizio Pilot (American Airlines) Captain
David Cook retired M.D.
David Corwin None Concerned Citizen
David Corwin Politically Agnostic Informed Citizen
David Dreisbach US Citizen Retired
David E. Hart Retired; father and grandfather N/A
David E. Short none Retired electrician
David Elkin Informed Citizen Business Professional
David Fluckiger other Dr.
david g sutliff retired concerned citizen
David Garza None Accountant
David Gleeson L&B Realty Advisors,LLP Director Emeritus
David H. Barbe Bartell Barber Family Investments, LLC Managing Member
David H. Reno U.S. Citizen Tax Payer
David Halfpap Private Investor Global Investment Strategist
David Hendryx The True Life Companies Managing Director Los Angeles Region
david henson ? Enterprise Services Team Lead
David Herbert Taxpayer Chief Engineer
David Hunter Republican Engineer
David J Chorba Sr None Retired
David J Wilson Concerned US Citizen Patriot
David J. Carey Retired Retired banker and businessman
David J. leDoux Citizen of RI and US Late Baby Boomer
David Jordan none Partner, Portfolio Manager
David K Barth Retired Financial Executive, Adjunct Professor Lake Forest Graduate School of Mgmt
David Kelly None Mr.
David Kelly None Agent
David Kessler Austin Heart MD
David Kiernan Williams & Connolly Partner
David Koch, Ph.D. SMU- retired retired
David Kruschwitz Surface Transportation Board Industry Analyst
David Kurtz Private citizen Retired business owner (semiconductor)
David L Walter Self Engineering Consultant
David Larsen None None
David Laschinger self Retired citizen
David Linde Libertarian Citizen
David LoCascio U.S. citizen Mr.
David M Holland none CPA
David McCullam Citizen retired
David McKee Raymond James Financial Services Managing Principal
David Mihelic Kemper Golf Co. President and Taxpayer
David Millard Private Sector Investor EVP
David Mosley Independent Director of Energy Price Risk Management Consulting Services
David Muscat No organization represented Citizen
David Navarro Chicago Oakbrook Financial Group President
David P. McGuire, MA The Yeah Family Farm Instructor, English< Anthropology
David Petron Republican Pastor
David R. Arday, MD, MPH none Medical Epidemiologist
David R. Stallard Republican Attorney & CPA
David R. Trombetta Concerned Citizen of The United States of America Senior Auditor
David R. Trombetta Concerned Citizen of The United States of America Senior Auditor
David Rassmussen US Citizen Pre-Construction Manager
David Rathgeb Cadaret Grant Certified Financial Planner
David Richardson US TAXPAYER MR.
David Riley none none
David Rosenblum Retired Management Consultant
David S. Sloan U.S. citizen U.S. citizen
David Sawyer U.S. Citizen Sr. Data Analyst
David Schipper Libertarian (if not anarchist) Mr.
David Skinner Concerned Citizen Democratic Socialist
David Swain independent none
David Swikert independant president
David TenEyck Retired CEO retired CEO
DAVID Troutman Citizen Mr
David Watanabe US Citizen US Citizen
David Wessels U.S citizen private citizen
David Wilhelm none none
David Woodman taxpayer no title
David Woods Midland Properties, Inc. Vice President
David Yoakam Chemical Engineering and Instrumentation Consultants, Inc. vice-president
Dawn US Citizen Finance Controller
Dean A. Wadsworth citizen Certified Financial Planner
dean abrahamson univ of minnesota professor
Dean Arnold CPA CPA
Dean Bennett Independent Concerned Citizen
Dean L. Gerdes Private citizen Mr.
Dean W. Herbst Independent Corporate Treasurer
Debbie Stoffel republican Person of Interest
Deborah Buschkamp Republican Accountant
Deborah Hutchins Hutchins & Associates LLC Managing Director
Deborah Turner Concerned Citizen Ms.
Debra Amaral Unknown Concerned American
Dee Kinzinger follower Accountant
Deepak Chadha Individual Citizen Retired
Dena Roemmich No affiliation No Title
Denis J Byrne None Juris Doctor
Denis Smalley Library of Congress General Engineer
Denise Croft None Ms
Denise DesChenes Private citizen Voter
Dennis Carta Republican Managing Member VCM, LLC.
Dennis Crawford Investment Industry Professional Certified Financial Planner
Dennis Doise Lawyer with Perret Doise L.L.C. Attorney (undergrad. degree in Economics)
Dennis Edwall citizen Engineer
Dennis Edwall Teledyne Technologies Senior Scientist
Dennis J Byrne Retired Citizen Bachelor Degree in Business
Dennis Low Citizen Hydrologist
Dennis McCuistion National Center for Policy Analysis President and CEO
Dennis S Light Global Healthcare Resources, Inc. President
Dennis Schultz Citizen Business Manager
Dennis Staal Retired Former Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Stuart None M.D.
Dennis Symes None Plumber / Welder
Derek Gagnon University of California, Davis Chemistry Graduate Student
Derrick K Concerned US Citizen IT Project Manager
Derrol F. Charles Tax Payer Retired
Devashish Kandpal Non Affiliated Product Manager
Devashish Kandpal Non Affiliated Product Manager
Devin Higgins Son of an Economist Mr.Higgins
devin lundmark woodlands national bank VP of commercial banking
DIane Blonski Citizen Ms
Diane Dale-Adams Citizen of the USA - Independent Realtor
Diane Merriam US Citizen Ms
Diane Porter Independent none
Diane Rasmussen tax payer small business owner
Dick Hardy Concerned Citizen Mr
Dicky Yount human human
Dimi private citizen Mr.
Dirk Heinen Acumera, Inc. CEO
Dolores Rauschl Republican retired
Dominic Svorinic Legacy Capital Management, Inc. President
don adams alternative medicide consultant in life extension
Don Dodson L-3 Communications MID Engineer
Don Hoeler Private Sector Global Group Marketing Manager
Don J Hodapp United States of America Retired Citizen and Taxpayer
don ogle atlantic trust managing director
Don Rollins retired food animal veterinarian Owner operator
Donald A. Dean founder
Donald Braswell Teacher Mr.
Donald Close Private PhD
Donald Creech Investor Resources Inc President
Donald D Bretches none Owner, Atlantic Coast Research Consultants LLC
Donald G Mertes Business owner President
Donald Hanson Retired Petroleum Consultant
Donald K. Hsu, PhD Dominican College of Blauvelt, Orangeburg, New York, USA Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems, Division of Business Administration
Donald l best Independent Mr
Donald m. Roy N.E. WEALTH ADVISORS Principal
Donald Musnicki RBC Wealth Management Vice President - Financial Advisor
Donald Vail None N/A
Donna M. LaBonté United States Registered Voter United States Registered Voter
Donna M. LaBonte Concerned American Citizen Concerned American Citizen
Donna Rook Truth in Accounting President,
Donovan Van Osdol None Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Doug Citizen Non profit representative
Doug Allen Fire Ant Management Owner
Doug Ferguson None Principal Consultant (software)
Doug Jaynes Interested citizen of USA Interested citizen of USA
Doug Kirkpatrick AlphaGlider LLC Chief Investment Officer
Doug Scuder none Financial Advisor
Douglas Barbier none n/a
Douglas Breusch Bank Solutions Group Director
Douglas C. Orkney None Mr.
douglas churchill independent trader
Douglas Dickinson Douglas Dickinson MD LLC MS. , MD, Gastroenterologist
Douglas Dvorak Unaffliated No title
Douglas Nagle Concerned American Citizen Gentleman
Douglas Pinette Trustee Patriot
Douglas Scott Other Supporter US Citizen
Douglas Turner Forward Financial Strategies Managing Director
Doyt Ladd UMB Private Wealth Management Senior Vice President
Dr Mark Brown concerned citizen Chiropractor
Dr Mike Baker US citizen doctor of dentistry
Dr. Cynthia Schubbe Becker Republican DDS
Dr. J D Gold Clinical Psychologist in private practice Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Dr. Jason H. Goodfriend, Ph.D Statistician, Chairman of the Carolina Whig Party Ibid
Dr. Lester John Senechal Mount Holyoke Collee Professor (emeritus) of Mathematics
Dr. Paul N Shotton UBS AG Deputy Head of Firm-wide Risk Control and Methodology
Dr. Theodore Arnst Concerned Texan Research Scientist
Dr. Wacyf Ghali Global Partners Investments, Ltd. Senior Advisor - Commodities Market
Drew Commoner Commoner
Duncan A. Parker Financial Professional Financial Journalist & Prop Trader
dusty dalton Republican none
Dusty Tripp RBC CFP
Dwight R McGhee Private Citizen Lt Col (Retired)
Dylan Adriaans South African citizen Infrastructure Manager
Dylan Korpita Mr. Mr.
E W Willis E W WILLIS REAL ESTATE Sole Proprietor
E. S. Savas Baruch Collge, City University of New York Presidential Professor
Earl Ellisor IBM Executive Project Manager (retired)
Earl F Barnette Private Investor, Management Consultant, High Tech Industry Independant Consultant
Earl Greer Republican Owner, Orion Enterprises, Austin TX
Earl Hackett Retired Chemist
Earl Lindley none Mr
Ed Healy Lawyer Lawyer
Ed Kaplan None Adjunct Professor, Accounting and Finance
Ed Mills Early Retiree
Ed Pritzker Citizen Md
Ed Russell Taxpayer Mr.
Ed Schmitt None Business Owner
Ed Worrell Wells Fargo advisors Financial advisor
Eddie Imperial Concerned Citizen Mr.
Eddie Woods none none
Edmund Ho none Mr.
edmund/suzanne page retired private citizen none
Edward Chatt none none
Edward Conger California Bar Association Mr.
Edward D Reynolds none citizen
Edward D'Alessandro BBVA Securities Corporate Bond Trader
edward Deutsch none none
Edward G. Insel Private Citizen Teacher of Physics
Edward Kaplan Independent CPA, MBA, MS in Accounting
Edward Kist Munich Re Vice President
Edward Mackler None American Citizen
Edward Meadows CPC, CEBS Pension Administrator
Edward Papier None None
Edward Teitel, MD, JD, MBA Aggredyne, Inc. physician, medical device CEO
Edwin Gropp Parent Citizen
Elbert N. Griffin Independant Architect
Eldon Oldre None Concerned citizen
Eldora M. Schmidt Republican Retired
Eleanor Barbino Naperville School District 203 Teacher
Elinor Davis Concerned citizen & taxpayer CPA
Elizabeth Ann Fryberger Registered Investment Advisor President, Fryberger Capital Management
Elizabeth Ellis none Information Products Manager
Elizabeth G. Boswell Independent Retired College Administrator
Elizabeth LaBonte Citizen Citizen
Elizabeth Roth Citizen Taxpayer
Ellen Cohen friend self-employed, parent
Ellen Davis US Citizen Small Business owner
Ellen Taylor Atkins CLTC Financial Planner in Long Term Care
Elliot Royce Citizen Mr
Eric Apfelbach ZBB Energy Systems, Inc CEO
Eric B. Freedus none Attorney
Eric Chan United States Air Force Captain
Eric Jones NBVP Marketing Partner
Eric Noreen Libertarian Consultant
Eric Prive No affiliation Engineer
Eric S. Johnson Signature. Principal/Client Strategist
Eric Spahl None NA
Eric Suber taxpayer concerned citizen
ERICA BERGSLAND Director of Research
Erica Bergsland Capital Director of Research
erik dunleavy retired commodity trader mr
Erik W Taylor Babson College MBA '06
Erin Mother/Wife of Economist Mom
Ernest K. Jacquet Mentor Partners Partner
Errol G. Griffiths independent citizen
Esther Walden Republican Ms.
Eulalie W Brown Citizen Retired Librarian
Evan Bedell View Capital owner
Evan Howell Democrat J.D.
Eve Gaddy US Citizen US Citizen
Felicia L. Music U.S. citizen Degreed professional
Fereidoun Jahani no affiliation Professor of mathematics
Floyd O'Rear Concerned citizen Mr
Floyd Rudmin University of Tromso (Norway) Professor
FM Booth Investments Chairman
FN Ted Barker None None
Forrest Lundstrom various Engineer
foster goodwill reader mr.
Frances Shepperdson supporter taxpayer
francis j nolan university of vermont M.D.
Francis Ledwidge Eddystone Capital LLC Chief Investment Officer
Francis olson Avatron LLC President
Francisco Del Villar, CFA Wells Fargo Bank Financial Analyst
Francisco Echeverri Independent BBA in Entrepreneurship
Frank and Sue Carta Independant Mr.
Frank Bigelow Independent Mr.
Frank C. Crawford US Dept. of Labor Health Physicist
Frank C. Sindelar Target Insurance Agency Concerned citizen
Frank Holappa Not Affiliated Citizen
Frank Jones Self Retired
Frank Jones Self Retired
Frank Lerman U.S. Citizen Taxpayer
Frank Schieber Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Senior Appraiser
Frank Schoenburg Citizen CPA
franklin song citizen lawyer
Fred E. Kilgore Citizen Attorney
Fred G. Choate Republican Managing Director
Fred Harris Greenberg Traurig Attorney
Fred Krailert Retired USMC Concern Citizen
Fred Pretorius unenrolled Director of Information Technology
fred robbins voter retired
fred robbins retired retired
Fred Windisch American Patriot Taxpayer
Frederick B. LeBlanc Citizen Manager
Frederick Myhaver citizen Mr
Freeman Waynewood Independent Health Professional
Fritz Dixon, M.D. American Spring Physician
G Eric Smith None None
G. Frederick Ort Unaffiliated Private Citizen Retired Professional Engineer
G. L. Anderson Retired Ph.D, Mathematical Sciences
Gabriel Wittenberg None None
Gale C. Copeland Retired Chief Engineer, Retired
Garrett Horton Self Systems Engineer
Garrett Pagon Snohomish Commercial Owner
Garth Arnold Citizen Mr
Garth Nash Citizen Retired
Gary Byllesby Independent Mr.
Gary E Lee none None
Gary Fenchuk Real estate developer President
Gary Ferns Bullseye Trading Post LLC VP Finance
Gary Johnson Elite Electric Service Inc. Retired
Gary Pickering Republican Retired
Gary Porter US Citizen A Free Man
Gary Poteat American Association of Physicists in Medicine Medical Physics
Gary Sund Private Citizen Financial Adviser
Gary Watson None Healthcare Consulting Executive
Gary Zulauf Inventor and Taxpayer President-PatentSmart, LLC
Geatesh Tampy None Engineer
Gene Kovacs Analysis Group Inc. Vice President
Gene Root Gene Root, CFP Personal Financial Manager and Planner
GENE TABB III Republican Financial Advisor
Gene Warrington Retired CEO CEO of software company
gene yates business owner owner
Geno Jezek None Business Owner
Geoff Considine Quantext President
Geoffrey C. Orth Longwood University Professor Emeritus of German
Geoffrey Canada The Harlem Children's Zone in Harlem President and CEO
George Valam Sr Manager, Risk Analytics
George Aikins None None
George Baschiera IBM MBA - Financial Management
George Bastien none none
George Chovanes Citizen Neurosurgeon
George Connaughton self self
George Cordes American Citizen
George F. Ort Private Citizen, vitally interested in fiscal sanity Retired after 38 years in project development activities
George Friedman Retired Mr.
George Holland citizen Mr.
George Keefe Concerned Citizen Retired CPA
George Livingston Livingston Financial Planning Certified Financial Planner
George Ostapchenko Retired Du Pont Research Fellow
George Potter none Mr.
George Pritchett Republican Retired Marketing Executive
George Ronay Taxpayer Employee
George S Hastings, Jr., JD Good News Financial Tax Attorney, Wealth manager, financial caretaker
George Smith III, D.D.S. American Dentist
George Smith III, D.D.S. American Dentist
George Spiciarich Citizen Voting Citizen!
George Thomas West, Jr. Hunton & Williams Partner (retired)
George Ulrich Retired Doctorate of Science, Engineering Management
George Ulrich Retired, George Washington University, University of Houston, USMC, Rockwell/Boeing Doctorate of Science, Engineering Management
George Zulick Polytechnic Institute of NYU Director of Engineering
Gerald Drayer none none
Gerald Gitchell citizen CPA, CFM, CMA
Gerald L Sovell none none
Gerald Lee Democrat Certified Financial Planner
Gerald Palmer self investor
Gerald Stauffer Ideal Group Inc Chairman of Finance
Gerald Stauffer Ideal Group Inc Chairman of Finance
Gerald T. Keusch Boston University Professor of Medicine
Gerald Vitkauskas retired retired
Gerald W. Clearwater Tax Payer Retired Utility Executive
Gerald W. Vaughan unaffiliated NA
gerard falardeau none none
Gil Brand none Mr
Gilbert E. Garza none Small Business owner
Gilbert Hine McClelland and Hine, Inc. President
Gino LaGuardia-LoBianco U.S. Army Behavioral Health Specialist
Glen P. Doss retired Colonel, USAF, ret
glen r triplett retiree MR
Glenn Bishop GA Bishop and Associates President
Glenn E De Vries De Vries & Assoc none
Glenn Fogle, CFA Acceleration Asset Management, LLC President
Glenn Hopkins None None
Glenn Melcher Informed Citizen Advocate
Glenna Chance none Ms.
Glynn Schanen Retired BS Pharmacy
Gordon DeWitte home retired EE
Gordon J. Alexander University of Minnesota Professor of Finance
Gordon K. Livingston Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 Technical Director, Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory
Grady Morein Retired University Librarian
Graydon DeCamp Publisher Owner, Bayshore Books
Greg Chevalier US Citizen HVAC /Refrigeration Supervisor at James Madison Univ.
Greg Fitchet COPERS Investment Officer
Greg Hansen Democrat Engineering Services Engineer
Greg Smith psychiatrist psychiatrist
Greg Totsline none Citizen
Greg Wood Manhattan Advisers CEO
Gregg Casalino U.S. citizen and taxpayer Attorney
Gregg Letizia None None
Gregg Newman citizen Mr.
Gregg Oetting None Concerned Citizen
Gregg Resnick none DDS
Gregory Hidden Mises Institute Principle, GSH Advisors, LLC, Student
Gregory LAss Boston University Master of Arts with Honours (Politics)
Gregory Plotnikoff Allina Health Physician
Gregory S. Lesko Lesko Financial Services, Inc. CEO/General Counsel
Gregory Saulnier Democrat Ph.D. (of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Gregory Thomas Private Citizen Mr.
Gregory W Davis None Private Citizen
Gus Lazares None Law Student
Guy Plung None Mr
Gwen Duke Concerned American Home maker
Gwendolyn Hampsten none none
H Hugh Woodbury Retired Ph.D. (Physics)
H K Mueller Yorktown Alliance for Authentic Constitutionalism President
H. K. Mueller Private Citizen VP - HR, PMI (Ret'd)
Hal Hopkins Logic Underwriters Inc President
Haley Guerrier Republican senior client executive
Hank Van Gieson Unaffiliated LTC(RET)USAF
hardy moore individual,currently retired,but hopefully not for long. Mr
Harlan Sager Columbia University Retired
Harold Crosskno Private citizen, concerned father and grandfather. MBA, MSE
Harold Javitz Private Citizen Senior Statistician
Harold Kelleher Other Supporters CEO
Harrison Dean Student Mr.
Harrison G. Ball, M.D. University of Massachusetts Medical School Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Harry Cain retired (was Exec. V.P., Blue Cross Blue Shield Association) consultant, adjunct faculty (William and Mary Grad School of Business)
harry hayes branning branning financial group llc ceo
Harry M. Smith U.S. Citizen Banker
Harry Moser Reshoring Initiative President
Harry Thompson None Citizen of the United States
Harsh Jain Software Engineer
Harvey Glass University of South Florida Emeritus Professor, College of Engineering
Harvey Ring None Retired
Henry F. Means, Jr. Republican Retired commercial banker
Henry W. Wilder Independent Retired
Hetzenauer Erwin Dr.
Hillard Chemers Global Jetcare, Inc MD
Hongsheh Lu N/A Tx Payer
Howard Needham Independent President, Howard Needham, Violinmaker, Inc.
Howard P Wagner Private Investor Former District Conservationist
Howard S. Lichtman Human Productivity Lab President
Howard Stoner None None
Howard Stopeck GOP Managing Partner and Owner
Hugh D Gibbs Delta Airlines Retired Pilot
Hugh Little Independent Entrepreneur
Hugo Ohta Commerzbank FX Derivatives Trader
Hunter Watkins Tax payer Petroleum engineer
Ian Fillmore University of Chicago Graduate Student in Economics
Ivo REZNICEK independent translator and interpreter
J Cheston M Newbold Retired N/A
J Gregory Carl None Concerned Citizen
J Shoop Independent Concerned Citizez
J. Byers citizen Mr.
J. Gregory MacKenzie none Mr.
J. Lynn Hinds Lighthouse Financial,LLC Managing Partner
J.T. Query New Mexico State University Associate Professor of Risk Management
Jaar Holan Czech Institute of Techno;ogy Dipl. Ing
Jack Bariteau Citizen Business Builder
Jack Heidel blogger
Jack Lorenz Private citizen Retired Metrologist
Jack Painter Liberty Alliance Cincinnati Founder
Jack Savarese None Finance Professionsl
Jack Zaban None None
Jackie Henry Thompson National Realtor Association Paralegal
Jackie Morey U.S. Citizen Concerned Citizen
Jacob Field republican director of wholesale trading
Jacob Sperry citizen CPA
Jacob Wischnewsky Citizen Mr
Jai Menon Chief Technology Officer
Jaime Pereira Civic Capital Group Director
Jake McCauley Tufts University - Up to Us Student
Jambrina Sakellaropoulo Environmentalist citizen
James none Mr
James A Prestridge Retired Retired Vice Chairman Teradyne, Inc.
James A. Motter American Citizen
James Abbott None Mr.
James Anderson retired Senior Counsel
James Ballentine JP Morgan Chase Managing Director
James Barko None Mr.
James Baumann independent Mr.
James Behne Financial Advisor Independent Investment Executive
James Bennett NYU Guest Lecturer
James Brannon Independent Mr.
James C Hudson independent AT&T/Lucent retired
James C Nolen none none
james c. deboard none president of jcdeboard&co., lpa
james c. deboard none president of jcdeboard&co., lpa
James C. Raines California State University Monterey Bay Professor of Health, Human Services, & Public Policy
James Cotton citizen Professional Geologist
James Cox N/a Sales
James Cumbie Citizen Citizen Taxpayer
James DeCrescenzo Business Owner President
James E Wahler Libertarian Informal student of economics for about eight years
James E. Abernethy UBS Financial Services, Inc Senior Vice President, Investments
James F Bland Entrepreneur, Artist President
James F Jecker US Citizen Taxpayer
James F. taylor Republican Mr
James F.Carr The Carr Agency CEO, CHfC CLU M.Sc
James Flom None VP
James Gilchrist retired retired
James Gill Citizen Special Efx
James Glendenning Unaffiliated Retiree
James Gray Student at the University of Texas, Economics Major Student
James H. Marklin Retired Retired
James huston Reader of your publication, private financial planner/advisor Managing partner, outlook financial group,llc
James J. Green North Central Ohio Conservatives, Inc. President
James Janda None Citizen
James K. Pollock, CFA Pollock Investment Advisors Managing Partner
James Kurzawski Northwestern University Bachelor of Arts in Economics
James L. Huffman Lewis & Clark Law School Dean Emeritus
James L. Joslin TFC Financial Management, Inc Chairman & CEO
James LeBleu Citizen of United States of America Vietnam Select Stage Manager
James Lewis Public Citizen Master of Business Administration
James Lightfoot Rep. proprietor
James M Busta None Managing Director
James Michael Mulliniks Republican Mr.
James Michael Plunkett United States Citizen United States Citizen
James Mulligan Oil & Gas Producer President
James P McGuire Citizen Retired
James P. Bradley None Mr.
James P. Reed None Retired Forester
James Passmore Taxpayer Mr.
james pavleas concerned citizen retired
James Prieger Pepperdine university Associate professor
James r. Ford Republican Small business owner
James R. Madsen Republican President, CEO Knutson's Non Union Construction Company, Gillette, WY
James Randall Davis Republican-Libertarian Captain - United Airlines (Ret.)
James Shugart Citizen Mr.
James Sims Eagle Basin Building Corp. Mr.
James Slocum Self Self
James Steichen concerned taxpayer Electronics Engineer
James Stikeleather Independent Chief Innovation Officer
James Swalley Voter! Retired Navy
James T Jenkins Independent Citizen
James T Ray Unaffilliated MSgt (Retired)
James T. Cory Republican CEO of mortgage brokerage
James Thomas Thermedia Corporation President
james Throne self retired
James Ussailis National Wireless, Inc. President
James V. Aulenti, MA, ChFC Atlantic Wealth Advisory Services Candidate, US Congress
James W Ream None Retired
James W Ream retired retired
James Whitticom republican BSPh
James Williams Citizen Beef Producer
Jan Newsome Republican no title - concerned citizen
Jan van eck None None
Jan Victor EU citizen M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Economics
Jan Yeomans independent retired Executive
Jane Davis Democrat Ms.
Jane Farwell business owner and grandparent Insurance Agent
Jane Gormley Citizen Mrs.
Jane Honigman Independent Consultant
Janet Free American citizen History graduate, secondary teacher
janet warner Food handlers union retired
Janet Wilkie Nyack College Psychologist
Janice Edberg Clackamas County Bank 1st VP-Commercial Lending
Jason Buerkle Concerned Citizen and Father Chief Financial Officer
Jason Calvasina Libertarian Chief Financial Officer
Jason E. McDermith Voter Respiratory Care Practioner
Jason George - Mr.
Jason Heilfurth Concerned citizen Father
Jason Iott University of Maryland University College Bursar
Jason Pederson Libertarian Mr
Jason Reuter Brown Brothers Harriman Assistant Vice President
Jay Bailinson United States Citizen American Taxpayer
Jay Davis Concerned Senior Citizen Business Owner
Jay Dussinger private US citizen voter
jay watts AFM VP
Jay Wolberg Independent CEO of Trading Volatility
Jayme Gruen retired retired National sales Mgr. in Chemical Products
Jayme McCoy American President
Jayne Mack Suhler private citizen and tax payer N/A
Jayson Fields citizen Physician
JD Kelley Retired Retired Business Owner
Jean Jewell none Citizen worker
Jean L'Abbe Republican mother
Jeanni Bajenski None None
Jeff na Financial Advisor
Jeff Benjamin None Director of Analytics
Jeff Crandall None Engineer
Jeff Marshall none auditor
Jeff Nuttall Wells Fargo Advisors Sr. Vice President - Investments
Jeff Phillips Renergy Capital Managing Partner
jeff ploen republican vice chairman
Jeff Sedgwick Concerned Citizen Mr.
Jeff Toadvine Ameriprise Financial Financial Advisor
Jeff Warner LA Jews for peace Action Coordinator
Jeff Whitehead US citizen Taxpyer
Jeff Woll Concerned citizen Retired naval officer, small business CEO & owner
Jeffery Cumming None Citizen and voter
jeffrey weiss health dept. retired real estate
Jeffrey Atkin Sustainable Forest Systems Mr
jeffrey carson n/a product manager
Jeffrey Edwin Lagaly None VP Sales
Jeffrey Gerber Republican Business Owner
Jeffrey Gunter U.S.A. Austin, TX U.S. Citizen
Jeffrey K Wright Concerned Citizen, Father and Grand Father CCE
Jeffrey L. Modlin Kelford Capital Analyst
Jeffrey P. Biegelsen Citizen Business Manager
Jeffrey R. Esterkes taxpayer concerned citizen
Jeffrey S Patterson Other Managing Partner
Jeffrey Timmons None Graduate of the University of Georgia (May 2012)
Jene Buckner Private Citizen Mrs.
Jennifer Bingham Republican CEO
Jennifer Dempsey US Citizen Investment Manager
Jennifer Wilhoit myself RN
Jeo Oiesen evangelical libertarian Chaplain
Jeremy Bejarano University of Chicago Graduate Student in Economics
Jeremy Ponds Libertian Party Business owner, Licensed Dietitian
Jeremy Temple Supporter of the Can Kicks Back US Taxpayer
Jeremy Watson Marable Transports Safety Cord
Jerome Barry wage earner, tax payer IC Layout Designer
jerome noll taxpayer Director
Jerris Heaton Independent Systems Engineer
Jerry and Lisa Morris none physician and accountant
jerry gallatin Morning Fresh Bakeries President
Jerry Herrin concerned voter individual
Jerry Horn None None
Jerry Kranz United States citizen
Jerry Newman NVA Senior Partner
Jesse Hernandez Taxpayer Taxpayer
Jesse R. Wilson Independent Design Manager
Jesse Sherer Private Citizen Mr.
Jessica Ebeling-Gulley Citizen Ms.
jevon Martinez American mechanic
Jill Newman Independent/Conservative Biostatistician
Jim Citizen N/A
jim berkey concerned citizen business owner
Jim Biles Interested Citizen None
Jim Foster Retired Citizen Mr.
Jim Gavey Retired Executive
Jim Gould Republican Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
Jim Hlava University of Nebraska-Lincoln Network Manager
Jim Hynes Independent CPCU
Jim Keffer Citizen MSEA
Jim Koch Koch Capital Management LLC Investment Manager
Jim L. Ridenour Courtyard by Marriott & Residence Inn by Marriott LLCs General Manager - Dual
Jim Leflar None Retired
jim mann citizen of USA doctor
Jim McDaniel ATC Mr.
Jim Nelson none none
Jim Neuffer citizen Business owner
Jim Rice Business Owner Owner
Jim Roth J Roth Consulting President
Jim Tebelskis none. concerned citizen
Jim Wisdom James L. Wisdom Insurance Services CFP
Jim Wooden citizen of USA Professional Engineer
Jimmy Larson Health Insurance Software Engineer
Jimmy Taylor Novotus Vice-President
Jimneta R. Christian None None
Joan Carleton Education field teacher
Joan F. Cobble Republican retired journalist
Joan F. Cobble Republican retired journalist
Joan Wilson citizen Mrs.
Joe none Mr
Joe Brakke Indepenant Techical Buyer
Joe Breidenbach Citizen Assitant Controller
Joe Celko self author/consultant
joe d turner n/a Citizen
joe david mcdonald retired citizen
Joe Grund Libertarian Manufacturing
Joe Karnes Central National Bank Trust Officer
Joe McCaddon Citizen, Banker SVP
Joe Rodriguez voting citizen LMSW, LPC
Joe S Greak none CPA
Joel Blount US Citizen Senior Financial Advisor
Joel Hess none Finance Director
Joel Hoffmann concerned citizen Certified Teacher; Biodecontamination Specialist - Lead
Joel Kaye None Dentist
Joel Margolis Private Citizen Former Assistant Professor of Political Science
Joel Miller Libertarian Business Owner
Johan Nord Democratic Mr.
Johann Artigas Libertarian Retired engineer
John Davis Captain
John A DeFalco Consultant Senior Partner
John A. boyes Retired M.D., M.B.A.
John A. Fossum Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
John A. LeMieux Anton LeMieux Financial Group Principal
John A. Rebrovic US Citizen Mr.
John Bain Independent CEO
john benson republic doctor
John Bermingham Griffin Advisors Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor
John Bobbs Republican Tax payer
John Browning Holmes Retired Mr.
john child Garrett Hill Coalition, Radnor Twp Pennsylvania Secretary
John Chirikas None Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Steel Co.
John Clark None Mr.
John Corbit Retired Professor of Psychology
John Curle Citizen Senior Analyst
John Curran US Taxpayer Executive
John D. Wilbur Republican MBA, CPA
John Dailey City of Medford, Oregon Water Commissioner
John Dallimonti Federal Employee Quality assurance specialist
John DeArmond Independent Small business owner
John DeBoni none CPA
John Doerr Independent Teacher
John Dyle Retired Engineering Manager
john erickson N.A. Mr.
john erickson N.A. Mr.
John F Kellmer Retired Engineering Tech
John F. Campbell None Sr. VP - Human Resources (Amoco/BP)
john fuller Discover Financial Services Sr Mgr Business Development
John Giuffrida Informed American Citizen Mr.
John Goldsworthy None None
John Gottsman World Future Society Board of Directors
John Grover Groverstudio President
John Gustavson CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors LLC Senior Wealth Advisor
John H Dolan Second Order Strategies, Inc. President
John H Noble Jr SUNY/Buffalo Emeritus Professor
John H. McNaul Retire Healthcare Worker RRT
John Hawkinson Concerned citizen SVP
John Hendry Private Business Owner
John Herbert Concerned Citizen Engineer
John Hisey Taxpayer Business Owner, Father, Grandfather
John Hopkins Private Sector Financial Advisor
John J Hartmann Jr None None
John Jata US Citizen Mr.
John K. Lunde Independent President
John Koch Private Citizen Engineer
John Krouser none individual
John Krupp None None
John Langford Libertarian Finance
John Larue Retired Retired
John Leeper None None
John Lewis Republican voter Mr
John Licata No affilation Retired
John Lukes Citizen Retiree
John Lynch University of Colorado Professor of Marketing
John Lynde taxpayer Wealth Manager
John M Darrah III Private Investor Real Estate & Financial Markets
John Mcdonald democrat Concerned citizen
John Murray Unaffiliated Investor
John Nicol Retired Grandfather, former corporate group controller
John Nif Individual N/A
John p curlin retired physician MD retired
John P Williamson, CRPC CFS RFC Ameriprise Financial Financial Advisor, Associate Vice President
John Peter Meagher Human Insurance Broker
John Petze Private Citizen Citizen
John Porter Zero Hedge Mr
John R Whiffen, M.D. Retired Surgeon Cliinical Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
John Raggio Independent M.D.
John Rainey Investor Mr
John Ranalletta Supporter Senior Consultant
John Reedy US Citizen US Citizen
john reidy citizen taxpayer
John Richard Zaylor No affiliation No title
John Richard Zaylor No affiliation No title
John Roemer US Taxpayer Mr
John S. Bohn Crowley Maritime Corp. Captain
John S. Permenter Self Certified Public Accountant
John Schieber none retired engineer
John Shupe Independent President PMTelco, LLC
John Smoots private citizen Retired engineer
John Snyder Trustee Investor
John Spadafora Concerned Citizen Software Developer
John Spare Quanta Technology Principal Consultant
John Spottiswood Inflection EVP Business & Corporate Development
John Statts IPS CIO
John Stella independant Financial Advisor
John Stella independant Financial Advisor
John Stroup none retired - Contracts & Procurement Sr. Mgr.
john stupey sr American owner
John Suchyta Concerned citizen Electrical Engineer
John Terry Republican Mr.
john v anderson us citizen pharmacist
John W Kraft MD None Retired Radiologist
John W White Information Technology Executive
John W. Kendig Value Vision TV Vice President, Home
John W. White Concerned Citizen Retired Business Executive
John Walsh Family Investment Funds Investment Manaer
john webb none none
John Westerman Independent Attorney
JOHN WILSON American insurance agent
John Zeiser Southern Champion Tray President/CEO
Johnny Roland Citizen Certified Financial Planner
Jon USA citizen Salesman
Jon Connors Business person
Jon Barton conservative retired person Captain
Jon Clark Retired None
Jon Dennis Other Supporter Masters of Science in Business - MIT Sloan
Jon Engelberth LGS Innovations Senior Engineer
Jon Erdner ITS Asset MGT., L.P. CEO
Jon Hancock American Citizen Business Owner
Jon Palmer retired PhD
Jon Seeger None Investor
Jon Tompkins None Chairman, Electro Scientific Industries
Jonathan A Shayne Shayne & Co., LLC Chief Manager
Jonathan Brach Middlebury College Student
Jonathan Ferguson FIC Capital President
Jonathan Visscher Holloway Wealth Management Advisor
Jonathon Dougall GE Capital - Retail Finance Senior Manager - Risk Analytics
Jonna Engel State of California Ecologist
Jordan Goforth American Economic Association Member
Jordan Pelovitz Machineart Industrial Design Junior Designer
Jorge iezin Free Managing director
Jorge orozco none DC
Jose Martinez None None
Jose rios Citizen Citizen
Joseph Feldman Professor Preventive Medicine
Joseph A. Grella Amanti del Vinp Owner
Joseph A. Grella Amanti del Vino Owner
Joseph A. Kossey Democratic Workforce Learning & Training Specialist
Joseph Ambrose Government employee Government Accountant
Joseph C. Farkas none Consultant
Joseph C. Mobley US Army SGT
Joseph Cooper Bechtel International Quality Engineer
Joseph Coulombe Retired businessman Retired
Joseph E. Harrison Citizen Mr.
Joseph Feldman Downstate Medical Center Professor Emeritus, Preventive Medicine
Joseph G Renauer Taxpayer Principal Design Engineer
Joseph Gelet Elite E Services, Inc. President
Joseph Kouri Saint Louis University Student of Economics
Joseph Lyons Tricord Advisors Inc. Financial Planner
Joseph M McDonough us Taxpayer Mr.
Joseph m. Keenan None None
Joseph M. LaBonte United States Citizen Building Inspector
Joseph Mercurio Independent Consultant Executive Vice President (retired)
Joseph Milfort Conservative Citizen
joseph miller Concerned cititzen Doctor of Medicine
Joseph Neil Beary N/A N/A
Joseph Podrasky citizen B.A.
joseph ritz, dmd republican Doctor of Dental Medicine
Joseph Robert Goebel Mauldin Informed Citizen
Joseph Schott Schott HealthCare Consulting President
Joseph Southwick CCF Healthcare
Joseph V. Kennedy Kennedy Research, LLC President
Joseph Ward Retired None
Joseph Ward Retired None
Josh Abbott Citizen Biomedical Researcher
Josh Beesinger Beesinger Inc President
Josh Freeland None Professional
Josh Martin US Citizen Taxpayer
Josh Roberts Private citizen Private citizen
Joshua Youner Tufts University - Up to Us Student
JP Hein Judiciary Public Official
JP Musicco Taxpayer! Founder, MD of private software firm
Juan Villalobos Moody's Financial Analyst
Judith A. Brown Independent Ms. Taxpayer
Judith Clark homemaker mother, grandmother, wife, U.S. citizen
Judith J. Tabak citizen Ms.
Judith Lahore N/A Mrs
Judith Lievense None None
Judson Riggs Contractor CEO
Judy Bates None Concerned Citizen
Julia Anne Lagaly None Interior Design
julia rushing democratic statistician
Julian H. Robertson Jr. Philantropist Founder of Tiger Management Corp.
Julie Rogawski what do you mean by this Family Practice Physician
Julius Hyatt Democrat Dentist
June Lackey Conservative Republican former middle class
Justin A Harris None Entrepreneur and Attorney
Justin Balch Republican Counselor
Justin Dietz Verizon Business technician
Justin Dvorak Currently studying economics Business Student
Justin Rooney Banking Industry Product Specialist
Justin Sanderson US Citizen na
Justin Sorenson Observer Professional Engineer
Justine Lattanzi Independent NA
Juston Kuch Citizen Manager
Karen Coglianese United State Concerned Citizen Economic Development Specialist
Karen Fremerman private citizen Mrs.
Karen Horn Citizen Principal, Quercus Grantsmanship
Karen Sager U of Denver Retired
Karen Wong none Librarian
Karin Maloney Stifler True Wealth Advisors Certified Financial Planning Practitioner
Karl anderson Concerned citizen Portfolio manager, financial advisor
Karl Ellerbeck Tax Payer with Children Torch Holder
Karl Pfeifer None Project Manager
Karl Schmedders Northwestern University Visiting Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Katharine D. Cox Republican A Concerned Citizen
Katherine B. Ellis Retired Registered Nurse
Katherine Nesci Republican taxpayer stay at home Mom
kathi kari none none
Kathleen Holtz Citizen of The United States of America Business Manager
Kathleen Mitchell Small Business Owner Owner
Kathleen Murphy First Class Solutions Coder
Kathleen Spare Wallingford Swarthmore School District - Retired Elementary Teacher
Kathy lane Christ the King Catholic School Resource Teacher
Kay Krass Republican retired
Kaye LaGrone citizen interested party
Keith A. Raia citizen investment advisor
Keith Bennett Independent Engineer
Keith Hathaway Citizen Mr
Keith Wood Concerned citizen Technical Director, fortune 100 company
Keli Alo Republican Business owner
Ken Beckrich Online Trading Academy Phoenix (small business) Owner
Ken Goldfine Interested citizen Entrepreneur
Ken Gomez Republican Mr.
Ken Hoagland Independent Chairman, Restore America's Voice Foundation
Ken Horiszny US citizen Master of Business Administration
Ken Ivory Utah House of Representatives Representative (District 47)
Ken Levy constituent n/a
Ken Rumbaugh Self Employed Financial Advisor
Ken Treadwell None J.D.
Kendall Spencer None Banker
Kenneth A. Fetter friend of co-writer of act Dentist
Kenneth Barnard citizen professor emeritus
Kenneth Bell Aspera Financial, LLC President
Kenneth Egan Gerson Lehrman scholar
kenneth ernest Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Law Librarian
Kenneth F. McCain Portfolio Manager of Mutual Funds and Corporate Retirement Accounts Founder and Partner of Wall Street Associates
Kenneth Harold Madden Defense contractor Facilities Business Manager
Kenneth L Crowson Crowson Financial Services Financial Consultant, RIA
Kenneth Langone Venture Capitalist and Investment Banker Former Director of the New York Stock Exchange
Kenneth Malone Independent Regular Schmo
Kenneth McGovern QuantiPhy, LLC Principal
Kenneth Mitchell University of Houston Law Center Part-Time Law Student and Local Police Officer
Kenneth Nelson none retired corporate banker
Kenneth Pollock EcoAid LLC CEO
Kenneth Robbins None None
Kenneth Wyman Allied Motion Manager
Kent Adkins concerned citizen Business Owner
Kent Babcock Nurse anesthetist, Babcock Anesthesia Providers, PC PhD (pharmacology), CRNA, LTC(ret) USA
kent barkhau none father
kent baum no affilition retired
Kent E. Howrey concerned US citizen retired chemical engineer
Kenton Walker University of Wyoming Professor of Accounting
Kerry Bedard Citizen Citizen
Kerry Tomashevski Verizon Business LAN Administrator
Kerwin Deese N/A Vice President - Commercial Banking
Kevin Barry Inependent Geophysicisst
Kevin Blas University of California, Irvine R.N.
Kevin Cantrell Republican CPA
Kevin Cleary None or Independant Landscape Laborer
Kevin Coley AEA analyst
Kevin Flynn Private citizen Financial advisor
kevin hazen concerned citizen Technical Manager
Kevin McGinnis Citizen Vice President Sales and Marketing
kevin mcmanus republican Mr
kevin mcnamara independent ceo
Kevin North Yankee Institute-CT Board member
Kevin OBrien none Mr.
Kevin POff RPC chemical engineer
Kevin Roman KPMG Certified Public Accountant
Kevin Williams Democrat Risk strategy management analyst
Kimberly Ann Bancale Conservative M.S. Speech Language Pathologist
kimbrly lehman independent rn
Kip Matkins Mr.
Kirk Condon Private Business none
Kirk Dawson BA, Economics, Stanford University VP Sales and Distribution
Konstantinos Gkouzias TechnicalChamber of Greece TEE Shipbuilding Engineer NTUA
Kristy B Trueheart U.S. Citizen U.S. Taxpayer, housewife, mother
Kristy Wiegmann PNC Bank Sales and Service Coordinator
Kurt Oliver Librarian
Kurt nimnicht Sales Sales
Kurt Wittman Agricultural Lender Relationship Manager / VP
Kyle Parke Parke Investment Management, Inc. President
Kyle Preece Citizen Corporate Financial Analyst
L A Battle retired finance professional and current small business co-owner Owner
Lang Stallard none retiree
Larena Fewell Taxpayer Accountant
Larry A Dreyer Retired community banker Mr.
Larry Black None Others
Larry Copling None Nonw
Larry Holmquist N/A N/A
Larry J. Garland U.S. Citizen Professor of Technology
Larry J. Richardson None Associate
Larry Kline None Mr.
Larry Lanier None Professional Engineer
larry m wiertz md Bethesda Health Clinic phyician
Larry Russell Small Business Owner President
Larry Shai Retired VP Finance MBA, CPA
larry weinman citizen patriot
Lary Banks Republican Retired Doctor of Chiropractic
Laura Kresowski none Retired
Laura Malter EduCore Foundation, Inc CEO/President
Laura Mullen Small business owner Co-Founder
Laura Scharr Ascend Financial Planning Principal
Laura Warren Concerned Citizen U.S. Tax Payor
Laverne Morrow Carter, Ph.D. Small Business Owner President
Lawrence Concerned American Citizen Mr.
Lawrence Davidson Indiana University Professor Emeritus
Lawrence Dixon Libertarian Horseman
Lawrence Kostrzewa Independent Managing director, commercial management
Lawrence S York ProActive Advisors, LLC CEO & Chief Investment Officer
Lawrence S. Silver Southeastern Oklahoma State University Professor of Marketing
Leah Rosenberg Libertarian Student of mass communication
Leahann St.Godard Conservative Libertarian Concerned Citizen
Leck Heflin Pontis, Inc. President
Lee Ann Mendel Mendel Consulting Inc. President
Lee Greene Independent Colonel, US Army, Retired
Lee Holbert Citizen Mr.
Leigh Ann Hicks None None
Leighton naff forest products account executive
Leon Brown self Senior Product Manager
Leon Kappelman College of Business, University of North Texas Professor of IT
Leonard Sahn MD Wayne State University Clinical Professor Neurology
Leonard wood Retired businessman President and CEO
Leroy Milton Practice Medicine Physician
Les Nixon Conservative Private sector operations manager
Leslie Glover Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Relief Society Historian
Leslie Orr Citizen Citizen
Leslie Wolf None Artist
Lewis C.Diminuco retired retired
Lido Togneri Democrat Administrator - Local 830 Teamsters Benefit Funds
Linda Ferentchak independent Small Business Owner
Linda Patterson N/A N/A
Linda Pierson Democrat Private Real Estate Investor
Linda Points Republican Ms.
Linda Shelton Other Supporter Citizen
Lindsey Thomas Independent Sr. Analyst
lisa dittmar none project manager
Lisa Frame Citizen Statistician
Lisa McFarlin Republican Student
Lisa Swanson none Citizen
Lissa Rabon Horse Trainer
List of Top 8 Packers and Movers in Delhi ets List of Top 8 Packers and Movers in Delhi
Liz Ryskamp Citizen Mom
Llinda Scarborough Conservative Independent Marketing and Web Design, Small business owner
Louis Davis Independent VP of R&D
Louis Gober None None
Louis Wang Self Employed Engineer, Businessman
Lowell T. Moore No affiliation, private indiidual Concern citizen
Luis C Rodriguez Citizen Physician
Luke Alexander Independent Retired Director of Global Trade Compliance
Luke Marusiak Concerned Citizen High Tech Executive
Lyle R. Grimes Grimes Famly LLP President
Lynda Goff independent Citizen
Lynn Anthony American homemaker
Lynn E Combs Retired Former Division Manger - Steel Distribution
Lynn M Fleming, MSME Retired Former Asst Professor ofMech. Engineering
Lynn M Fleming, MSME Retired Former Asst Professor of Mech. Engineering
Lynn Scully Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Financial Advisor
Lynne F Shepard None Doctor of Dental Surgery
Lynne Gallagher Other Citizen
Lynne Hardey retired citizen concerned for the future Retired
Lynne Schultz private citizen, registered voter Language Arts Tutor
Lynnette Driscoll retired CPA retired Accountant
M Flannery none none
M Grant none Investment Executive
M. Trussell Concerned Student
M.G. Quibria Morgan State University Professor
mac worley none (taxpayer/citizen) surgeon
Machelle Burkstrand Other Supporter Business Manager
Malcolm E Williams retired Professpr
Mallik Chaganti NA Project Manager
Marc August Marc August International Principal
marc buehler independent director, client solutions
Marc Fandetti Meketa Investment Group Principal
Marc Green Independent Consultant -- Business Development
Marc McCoy Banking Industry Vice President, Sr. CRE Portfolio Manager
Marc Sanders US Citizen Registered Investment Adviser
Marcia Godfrey Republican Bank Teller
Marcia Sedgwick voter none
Marco Vabanesi Italian and EU citizen MD
Marcus Duane Rawlins Private citizen ED. D.
Marcus Duane Rawlins Follower Of Jesus Humble Servant
Marcus Gary Wiese none, observer of the US Gvt distortions of facts..... Architect/Engineer
Marcus Romanowski, MD US citizen Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Kenmore Mercy Hospital
Marcy Ward Private citizen VP of Finance
Maretta Jeuland TriYoga International Certified Teacher
Margaret O'Meara Business Owner & Financial Advisor President
Marguerita Lim-Wilby World Affairs Council of San Diego Chair, Program Committee
Maria Becker None Bachelor in Finance
Maria Palazzolo Citizen N/A
Marianne Layden retired retired teacher
Marilyn Brown Independent Small Business Owner
Marilyn McAteer none Mrs.
Mark Economic Prosperity Concerned Citizen
mark citizen mr
Mark Sturgill First Officer. Delta air lines
Mark A. Kulchock Private US citizen Financial Business Analyst
Mark A. Meyer US Citizen Licensed Psychologist
Mark A. Reyes Retired Naval Officer Mr.
Mark A. Rodgers, M.D. none M.D.
Mark Atherton Financial Planner, CFP President- Ticknor Atherton & Associates
Mark Barbieri Unaffiliated None
Mark Bodett Citizen of the USA Bond Trader
mark borup iec Dr.
Mark Bryant None None
Mark Calkins Independant Network Architect
Mark Chadderdon Citizen of the United States Philosopher
Mark Cipoletta None Private Citizen
Mark Crofoot none none
Mark Dion, MD University of Iowa Professor, Medicine
Mark Gibbons Concerned Citizen Mr.
Mark Gray Sharp Structural Inc. President
Mark H Haimann, MD Straith Hospital, Southfield Michigan Chief of Staff
Mark Irle Private Business VP/CIO
Mark Jenson Taxpayer from TX with Grandchildren Mr.
Mark Kelly Mortgage Banker Owner
Mark L. Moran USACE Geophysicist
mark lawrence reader Orthodontist
mark logan independent Doctor of medicine
Mark Mathias tax payer none
Mark Mechler none VP Equity Trading
Mark Peecher University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor of Accountancy
Mark Pennington Citizen taxpayer
Mark R. Spengler Center for Law and Social Strategy Executive Director
Mark Rosier Private Private
Mark Rothschild Sage Equity Partners Managing Partner
Mark Rubino Staysail Group Managing Partner
Mark Ryan US citizen Mr.
Mark Sargent private citizen Mr.
Mark Sauder N/A N/A
Mark Schmitz None None
Mark Seay US Citizen Mr Mark Seay
Mark Sidell Permanent Wealth Management Founder & Sr. Portfolio Manager
Mark Tedquist none Concerned father
Mark Van John Mauldin Investor - American
Mark W Geiger independent scholar independent scholar
Mark Zafonte Deloitte Consulting Senior Consultant
Markus Kunz none CEO
Marlene Doley Independent Retired business person
Marshal Bratten BNY Mellon Trust Associate
Martha Sampson Independent Retired Language Skills Tutor
Martin H. Gingold MBA Many large and profitable corps are paying zero taxes President Bush's tax cuts should be eliminated
Martin Haenelt John Mauldin reader business manager
Martin Heflin Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt Professor of Real Estate Finance
Martin K Pepper Global Marine Resources, Inc President
Martin Kane US citizen Vice President of Acquisitions
Martin Machowski Covenant Fellowship Pastor
Martin Melvin Resource Conservation Districts Executive Officer
Mary C. Ferris, D.O. none D.O.
Mary Cameron Concerned citizen Homemaker
Mary E C Smith Retired rom the Denton ISD Special Ed. Supervisor, Speech Pathology
Mary E. Laue Retired/Republican Retired Nurse-Midwife
Mary Ellen Kee Homemaker Homemaker
Mary Ellen Scarborough Retired attorney Retired attorney
Mary F. Marcina citizen economist Ms.
Mary K Holterman Republican Botanical Illustrator
Mary Kaarto USA Citizen Author
Mary Stevenson US Citizen Patriotic American
Mary Warren Republican Resolution Supervisor
Matt Jonson Parent Engineer
Matt Lockwood independent biz owner
Matt Mieske LPL Financial CFP
Matt Riddle Independent Investment Professional
Matt Valentine Citizen Mr.
Matt. Dougherty Citizen District Manager
Matthew A. Taylor Small Business Owner Owner
Matthew Carr None Financial Advisor
Matthew emerick Us citizen Physician
Matthew Goggins none none
Matthew J. Schimpf Private Citizen/Tax Payer Chemist
Matthew James Grotenhuis Capital Harbor Advisors President
Matthew LaForge citizen none
Matthew Leonard Concerned American Citizen Phoenix Arizona Resident
Matthew Lonergan Stratton Street Capital Partner, Fund Manager
Matthew Ordway Independent Informed Citizen
Matthew Rafat Attorney Attorney
Matthew Tien Republican Professional Engineer
Maura Wright concerned citizen Ms
Maximus Peto Entrepreneur Biological researcher
Meg Flanigan Citizen Sales Manager
Meg Prom republican Student
Melanie Moore BNP Paribas Regional Head of Corporate Finance Advisory & Control Room, Asia Pacific Compliance
Melinda McNicoll Hallmark Academy Math Teach
Melinda Welchert Group Health LICSW LICSW
Melissa Kroeger Small Business Owner Owner
Melissa Richardson Colorado Springs Utilities Customer Revenue Manager
Merle Ann Meyer Holy Spirit Catholic Church Mrs.
Merrell Denison Concerned citizen Mr.
Merri Minuskin Merri Minuskin Middle East Consulting Director
Merrill Bitter Private Citizen none
Merrill Bitter Private Citizen Mr.
Michael Republic Financial Corp Director, Asset Managment
Michael A. Haass Rep Engineer
Michael Alford Citizen Citizen
Michael Armstrong US Citizen None
Michael B Smith Smith LaRock Architecture PC President / Small Business owner
Michael Brost Retired Private Citizen None
Michael Browne Self MBA
Michael Claxon Retired Fellow Systems Engineer
Michael Coffey Corporate Capital Resources, LLC President
Michael F. Meara Pacific Mountain Advisors, Inc. President
Michael Falk Moderate Investment Consultant
Michael Fallon none auto buisness
Michael Fearnow Go Public Institute Mr
Michael Ferrara Morgan Stanley First Vice President
Michael Fowler US Tax Payer Tax Payer
Michael Fox Fox Architects CEO
Michael Francoeur American Small Business Owner
Michael Freeling None M.D.
Michael Friedman Individual Investor Financial Analyst
Michael Fugate Statistician, Government contractor Ph.D., Scientist
Michael Giaccone US Citizen Concerned Citizen
Michael Glavin none none
michael gordon independent Retired Computer Engineer
Michael Groenendaal Private Citizen N/A
Michael Gumbert U.S. Citizen Investor/Entrepreneur
Michael Hancock ASCE Member
Michael Hanratty Business Owner Proprietor
Michael J Scanlon Villanova University Professor of Theology
Michael J. Peters Citizen MD
Michael J. Peters MD citizen Medical Doctor
Michael Jacobsen None Financial Analyst
Michael Jellison NOV Senior Vice President - Engineering
Michael Johan Citizen of Colorado Owner Center Management Group LLC
Michael Kuharik none Physician
Michael Lewinski None None
Michael Lewinski Refounders Indiana Board Member
Michael Maggiore Tufts University - Up to Us Student
Michael McCombs Oklahoma State University Research Associate & Doctoral Candidate
Michael Michaud Business owner Winegrower
Michael Monson Businessman Concerned American
Michael Montgomery, MD Incyte Corporation Executive Medical Director
Michael O'Brien Lender Mortgage Lender
Michael OBrien Republican-Libertarian Software Project Manager
Michael Okey Retired Retired
Michael P Riley former Ozaukee County Supervisor Private Investor
Michael Ponzani Libertarian xxxx
Michael R. Burns Human Race Husband, father, and grand-father!
Michael R. Carr Aetna, Inc. former employee and District Manager
Michael R. Pakko Institute for Economic Advancement, University of Arkansas at Little Rock Chief Economist and State Economic Forecaster
Michael R. Wimberly Retired - Wells Fargo Commertcial Bank Lending Officer
Michael Ray Private and Concerned US Citizen! Software Engineer
Michael Salas Independent - Taxpayer CPA
michael seaman private tax payer
Michael Sizer citizen Mr
Michael Sulik None Retired Software Engineer
Michael Tapp none none
Michael Tully Aerial Services, Inc. Mr
Michael Vaughan Concerned citizen Financial Advisor
Michael W. Leach Retired Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
Michael W. Peskin Hudson Pilot LLC Chief Executive Officer
michael ward citizen citizen
Michael Whitehill Caring Is Preparing Financial Group LLC CEO
Michael Willemin Private Citizen Account Executive
Michael Zachary Private Citizen n/a
Michele FitzGerald Small Business Owner Accounting Founder
Michele Leimgruber concerned citizen Investor
Michelle Brockman BMW Mfg. Training Manager
Miguel Fagiani attorney Attorney
Mike Blasius Ramsey NJ Business Owner and Parent of three children
Mike Bohl Democrat Executive Director
Mike Bosworth Voter Attorney
Mike Bray Other Retired
Mike Collins None None
Mike donahue Republican Sales
Mike Foley Apple Valley Medical Center COO
Mike Foster MBA, DePaul University Director Business Development
Mike Gerteisen Taxpayer Household owner
Mike Haggerson Private Citizen None
Mike Hollinsworth private citizen Financial Advisor
Mike Lagaly Citizen and current taxpayer Father of future taxpayers
Mike Lanza Business Owner President
Mike Maiden Edward Jones Financial Advisor
Mike Powell Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor
Mike Price Concerned citizen Mr
mike rippert United States citizen Registered Voter
Mike Samu Person Egalitarian for Progressive Governance
mike sterry none Pilot
Mike Streb Concerned citizen Concrete contractor
Mikhail S. Potapov, CFA E. S. Barr & Co. Portfolio Manager
Milo L Bunker The Investment Center of New Mexico Investment Advisor Representative; CFP
Miroslava Escamilla Independent MBA
Mitch Michulka Unaffiliated Accountant
Mitchell Krebs Republican Chief Executive & President of Coeur Mining, Inc.
Moira Barrett Libertarian Student
Molly McKinnon Sterling Capital Alliance President
Monte L West Independent Mr.
Morgan Dokson citizen of the United Staes Parent of 4 children
Morgan Strickland Democrat CEO
Morris Z Gelber None Engineer
moujan nosrat US Economy Consumer Tester
Mr Robert W. Neill Independent Mr
Mr. Christopher Dunton Retired Bethlehem School District Educator Teacher of Social Studies
mun kin chang designer Interactive Art Director
Nadine Grabow none none
Named C. Peurach James C. Peurach DDS, P.C. President
Nancci Maloney Profiler Consulting Project Mgr
Nancy Bryson Republican Home maker
Nancy Lagaly Retired Mrs.
Nancy McDonald none Physician Assistant
Nancy Murrow Retired None
Nancy Newman, M.D. Minerva Medica CEO
Nate Dalton Mr
Nathan Republican Mr.
Nathaniel Dahm Private Citizen Private Citizen
neal cantrell U.S. citizen retired
Neal S Lawrence Constituent Engineer
Neelam Desai Private Citizen NA
Neil Abrams University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate
Neil Rosen Taxpayer MD
Neil Silver Meridian-Advisory Services, LLC Financial Planning Manager
Nicholas Kern Independant Citizen
Nicholas Terhaar Independent Production Manager
Nick Koy None Peasant
Nick Salina Continential Automotive Financial Analyst
Nicky Hatton Tufts University - Up to Us Student
niel hillard rantala rantala investments, inc. president
Nina Thomson None Mom
Noel Pardo Teacher Director, Tabor Summer Program
Noel S. Selegzi Regis High Scool Annual Fund Director
Noreen Towers Towers Realty Services Broker/CEO
norm lasky personal investor none
Norm Olsen Libertarian Regional Representative to the National Committee
Norm Vannce Vamce Retired
norman doyon none none
Norman J. York York, Inc. President
Norman Jenkins Retired None
North Shetter Independent Doctor
Olga Reswow Akron Beacon Journal Journalist
oliver baechle retired retired
Orville S. Parker Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah Network Engineer
Otis R. Gove Independent Retired
P T Buntin tax payer citizen
P. Beam (none) (none)
Pam Boddie Democrat Acct. manager
Pamela Summers Summers Enterprises LLC President
Pamelia Strate Republican Ms.
Parrish Roberts N/A Citizen
pat brooks Elementary Educator
Pat self Mr.
pat self Mr.
Pat Harris American! Libertarian President, Homesmith Construction Inc., Citizen
Patrice Aumann free person mother
Patricia Couryney-Croken Democrat Executive Adninistration
Patricia Gilenwater Citizen Retired
Patricia Kohlmetz Self Employed Investor
Patricia Navarro Hackley Taxpayer Sales manager
Patricia Whitticom Republican Pharmacist
Patrick Bauer Tax Payer Consultant
Patrick Black Objectivist Mr.
Patrick Bria USA Wealth Advisor
Patrick Dinville USPS Postal Worker
patrick loughney private citizen citizen
Patrick M. Hudson True Chesapeake Oyster Company member
Patrick McCoy none Mr
Patrick Powers Newport Thin Film Laboratory President
Patrick Riley Retired Bank Executive
Patrick Stone Full Circle Capital Associate
Patrick Zumbusch Citizen President of Wellspring Financial Partners
Paul independent MD
Paul Dorio None Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
Paul Ertsgaard U.S. Citizen Mr
Paul F. Rodgers, CFA Gold Leaf Capital Management, Inc. President
Paul Fairchild retired mr
Paul Goudreault None Concerned Canadian MBA
Paul Greene None CFO
Paul Gwozdz MD Citizen Family Physician
Paul Hinson unaffiliated US citizen
Paul Holland Citizen Mr.
Paul Hummel Concerned Citizen n/a
Paul Johnson Conserative n\a
Paul K. Dober Retired/Formerly with UBS was Vice President - Investments
Paul Katz Maxim Group LLC Sr. V-P Investments
Paul kloeblen Independent Us citizen
Paul Laux The Concord Advisory Group Director of Research
Paul Lee None Retired concerned private citizen
Paul Lerwick concerned US citizen Petroleum Engineer and Independent Oilman
Paul Lundeen Volunteer Public Servant & Small Business Owner Chairman
Paul Malcom none AIC
Paul Malley Republican Mister
Paul Markey Oakmont Consulting Group President
Paul Murray Republican party Citizen of the USA
Paul Peterson Self Web Application Developer
Paul R. Zurlinden Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Advisor
Paul Racunas Intel Corporation Engineer
Paul Reed None MS Statistics
Paul Rush Battle None MWD Field Operator
Paul Shook, Jr none Manager
Paul Strebel The Strebel Planning Group Partner, CPA, CFP
paul thompson private System Engineer
Paul White US Citizen Project Manager
Paulo J Negro None Physician
Pedro Lozoya Citizen Retired CPA
Peggy Hudson Norwand International Charity volunteer; Board Chair and Board member of many non-profit 501(c)3 organizations; philanthropy
Perrin E Parkhurst, Ph.D. Retired-Michigan State University Retired-Michigan State University
pete eakle farmer farm owner
Pete Konschuh none retired manager
Peter Auriemma Mr.
Peter A. Wachtel None retired
Peter Baldwin Citizen Marketing
Peter Bennett Delta Air Lines Captain
Peter C. Nelson Retired Mr.
Peter D. Mullen Oppenheimer & Co. Senior Director
peter danna investor SVP - Risk Management
Peter Domenicali Ximetrics LLC President
Peter Faleschini Citizen Concerned Citizen
Peter H. Michael Michael Strategic Analysis President
Peter Horvat Business Owner President
Peter J Rothamel Successful Resource Management Chief Compliance Officer
Peter Knappe TriSep Corporation President
Peter Reck Private Investor U.S. Citizen and Tax Slave
Peter Santini Aspen Skiing Company Director of Business Development
Peter Schwartz III Unaffiliated Profesional Engineer
Peter Vaughan Citizen Citizen
PeterWelsh None VP. trust and Investments
Phil Elrod None Concerned Sitizen
Phil Houle Private business CEO
Phil Hull Business Owner Landscape Architect
phil lyons n/a n/a
Phil Sheridan Concerned Parent and Citizen Wage earner, taxpayer, father
Philip Clayton Republican English Teacher
Philip Eddy None Retired
Philip Greedy Independent Mr
Philip M Dunn None Banker
Philip Olsson Hearthstone Christian Academy Dr.
Philip Payne, Ph.D. InterBiotics LLC Principal Scientist
Philip Stacy Michaels independent attorney
Philip W. Glasgo Xavier University Associate Professor of Finance
Phyllis Olsen Unaffiliated Accountant, retired
Phyllis Roach Retired Taxpayer
Phyllis V Jansen Independen Ms
Pierre Beaudry PTBG Founder
Pietro G Avellini Citizen Master
Pirkka Nummikoski University of Texas Retired Full Professor
PJ Vandal None Investment Manager
Polly Klemin other RN
Pradeep Kumar SEO Relocation Services in India
R. A. Romberger II none none
R. Collin Bourke Centennial Bank VP
R. Swanson Business Owner None
R.L. Hargrove Former naval electronics consultant None / retired
Rabbi Howard I. Bogot, D.D. Jewish Studies Educator Lecturer in Jewish Studies
RaeLynn Shattuck independent housewife, mother, citizen of U.S.
Ralph c. Shive, CFA Wasatch Advisors Portfolio Manager
Ralph Dreyer Vigilante Electric Cooperative, Inc. Office Manager
ralph meyen US veteran mr
ralph pylman retired manufacturing management
Ralph Reed none none
Ralph Splawski None None
Ramasastry Ambarish Self Employed PhD in Finance
Ramon D Citizen Unemployed
Randal Hines American Mr
Randall Carder Wells Fargo Bank Analytics Consultant
Randall Carstensen n/a n/a
Randall Lawton C. A. Lawton Co. Boardchair
Randall Loffelmacher Citizen Citizen
randy barrientez republican Construction and Developer
Randy Evans US Citizen Completions Manager
Randy Flynn None None
Randy Kemper Hunt Oil Company VP
Ray Burkhart Concerned Citizen Systems Administrator
Ray E Larson Supporter Owner of Bridge Construction Co(retired)
Ray E Supporter Owner of Bridge Construction Co(retired)
Ray Edwards Individual Engineer
Ray Wandling Wandling & Associates Inc. President
Raymond Bussard Independent Mr.
Raymond Converse none none
Raymond Higbea Western Michigan University Assistant Professor
Raymond Rura unaffiliated. Mr.
Raymond Stawarz None Retired
Rebecca Scott Republican CFO
Rebecca Waters United States Citizen Biologist
Reed Harris citizen of USA Professor of Mathematics
Reiko Weigel Citizen None
Rekh Pareek Citizen none
Rev. Randy P. Orso The Interfaith LGBTI Clergy Association Founder, Clergy, Moderator
Rex Moxley Republican Managing Partner, Smith Anglin Financial
Rex Wardlaw Kestrel LP Managing Partner
Rhonda Letcher California Board of Accountancy Staff Accountant
Rich Barth None Financial consultant
rich giannotti independent citizen
Rich Liebman County worker driver
Richar Fine No affiliation Senior Financial Advisor
Richard Taxpayer Investment Consultant
Richard A. Brook Citizen Captain
Richard Armstrong none individual
richard bartlett british labour party Mr
Richard Behrman USA Citizen
Richard Bottomley Evergreen Associates Managing Director
richard brandon none retired clergy
richard brandon concerned citizen retired clergy
Richard Brown citizen mister
Richard C. Grangaard Republican Mr.
Richard C. Kasprak HD Vest ChFC CLU
richard chung independent mr
Richard Coe Multiple Energy Related Businesses Owner, Partner, and Father (of indebted children)
Richard Comuniello, Sr. Retired NYC Police Officer None
Richard Comuniello, Sr. Retired NYC Police Officer None
Richard D MacMinn Illinois State University Professor
Richard D Quinn Richard D Quinn LLC Consultant/Writer President
Richard D. Holter USDA Farm Service Agency Farm Loan Manager
Richard Davis None None
Richard Dedor NA Political Activist
Richard Dodds Christian Hospitality Supervisor
Richard Dunham Business owner President+CEO
Richard E. Easton Retired Taxpayer Bachelor of Arts, Management
Richard Eisendrath Real Estate Broker/ Father Father of 4 / Broker
Richard Ellis N N
richard fabbro bretton oaks capital management president
Richard Ferguson Taxpayer Minister
Richard Franchetti citizen Mr.
Richard G Fisher M.D. Senior Medical Consultant Aggredyne Inc. Physician/ Professor/ Medical Consultant
Richard G. Fairbanks Wealth Strategies Unlimited, Inc. Pres.
Richard Gamage Education Graduate Student in Chemistry
Richard Gooding Independent Management Consultant
Richard Haight US Citizen Citizen
Richard Harrington Sound Mind & Body President
Richard Hill Retired Hughes Engineer Mr
Richard Hill Personal Mr.
Richard J Hock None - Retired Retired Director Of Information Systems, Echlin Inc
Richard J. Patterson AVP Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City -retired. N/A
Richard Johnson Concerned Citizen Mr.
Richard Jung LinkedIn Businessman
richard keffler reader mr.
Richard King American Unemployed
Richard Kraus Retired None
Richard Kretzmer follower of John Mauldin retired
Richard Lashley PL Capital, LLC Principal
Richard Lewis None Retired
Richard M Fischer None None
richard malotky none M.D.
Richard McClintock, Sr. MC Systems Engineer
Richard Meyer Citizen Investor
Richard Mikolajczak Tidewater Community College Assistant Professor (Business/Finance)
Richard N Green None CPA
richard p. strickler retired retired
richard p. strickler retired retired
Richard Peterson Voting Citizen Retiree
Richard Robins self none
richard selleg citizen mr
Richard Sidwell N/A Associate Director, Process Development
Richard Siebert Citizen US Citizen
Richard Sloggett III First Allied Securities Financial Advisor
Richard Swanson New Mexico State University No Title
Richard Swanson New Mexico State University No Title
Richard Sypher None None
Richard T. O'Rourke Back Bay Investors President
Richard Trueheart US Citizen US Tax Payer, Head of house hold, Engineer
Richard W. Barrett None Attorney at Law
Richard West None Concerned Citizen, non-practicing CPA
Richard Wichmann None Managing Director, PwC
Richard Zerbe University of Washington Daniel J. Evans Distinguished Professor
Rick Boss none Taxpayer
Rick Flaherty None Engineer
Rick Lee None Commodity Manager
Rick Lewis Beatty Concerned American Ph. D. Cand. Natural Products and Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry
Rick Taylor U.S Citizen Field Service Engineer
Rob Chase Republican Treasurer - Spokane County
Rob Sturgi none retired
rob westerburg republican attorney
Robert Voter Small business owner
Robert A Loudon Jr Sentry Insurance Group Planning Analyst
Robert A. Young Main Street Wealth Group Partner
Robert Aldrich none none
Robert Anderson Republican Consultant
Robert B Stringham Self Employed CPA
Robert Bakh None None
Robert Bakh None None
Robert Batchelder Retired retired
Robert Baugh retired Mr.
Robert Becker Indiana University Professor of Economics
Robert Becker Indiana University Professor of Economics
Robert Berry None None
Robert Bogaczyk None Retired
Robert Bordogna Todd Asset Management, LLC Chairman
Robert Bronk None Financial Advisor
Robert Clough Citizen Citizen
Robert Connolly unaffiliated retiree
Robert Craig Retired Mr.
Robert D Weber Republican Cobb County Commissioner CCCCY
Robert Dell Key Bank VP
Robert E Blake, PhD REB Holdings LLC Economist
Robert E Cole Independent, retired Mr
Robert E Cole Independent, retired Mr
Robert E Day None Retired insurance
Robert E. Condon MD MSc FACS University of Washington/Medical College of Wisconsin Emeritus Professor of Surgery
Robert Elliott none none
Robert F. McLaughlin None Mr.
Robert F. Smith Democrat MD
Robert Feldman Parasol Press, Ltd. President
Robert Ferguson Risk Management Technologies, retired Founder, Risk Management Technologies
Robert Frederick Taxpayer & voter Engineer
Robert H. Carlson Republican Voter
Robert Hays None Mr
Robert Hesslink Hesslink Financial Services Investment Manager
Robert Hoffman None Attorney
Robert Iler none private citizen
Robert J. Chevako, P.E. NWS Associates, Inc. President
Robert J. Rockwell Cambridge Investment Research CFP®, MS
Robert Jansen Indy Mr
Robert Lawhead Independent Mr.
Robert Martin Public accounting CPA
Robert McLaren None None
Robert Michael Weldon none Partner, Director of Marketing
Robert Moore Georgia State University Associate Dean
Robert Ogle None Retired
Robert P. Seawright Madison Avenue Securities Chief Investment and Information Officer
Robert Patterson None Mister
Robert Pierce Concerned US Citizen Father
Robert Powell Mid Acts Pauline Dispensationalist Geologist
Robert R. Galvan, Jr. Austin Endodontics DDS
Robert R. Grusky Hope Capital Management, LLC Managing Member
Robert Radmer St. Edward's University Director, St. Edward's University Orchestra
Robert Radnich Democrat MD
Robert S Kaplan Harvard Business School Professor of Business Administration
Robert S. Keegan The Boeing Company Software Engineer
Robert Sanders not Business person
robert smith indefpendent Professional Engineer
Robert Sondag Embarrassed Baby Boomer Retired Lawyer, CPA, and Businessman
Robert Spangler Experior LLC Mr
Robert Stark retired retired
robert stiles democrat retired
Robert Tagtow Retired Mr.
Robert Thomason Unaffiliated. Business executive Group Vice President
Robert Thompson none none
Robert Tyler Grumbles Independent Investment Consultant
Robert Uecker ? Citizen
Robert Valerius Independent Geologist None
Robert Veaudry USA Citizen Veteran
robert vitale midwest industrial supply inc ceo
Robert W. Thorpe None None
robert walters retired none
Robert Wittman M&T Bank, retired VP
roberta b. zabel Know Your Chicago Board Member
Roberta Guagliardo AISC Consultant
Roberta Ras none American citizen
Robin auerbach Citizen Doctor of Audiolgoy
robin keith none Mr.
robin p. arkley II republican citizen
Robin Taliesin Raven Creative, Inc. Principal, Strategic Marketing & Design
Robin Van Dusen Real Money Economics Citizen
Robyn O'Brien AllergyKids Foundation Author, Founder
Rod Bennett Business Owner President
Rod Cook Colleague La Plata County Weed Manager
Roderick Vincent N/A Concerned citizen
Rodney Harmsworth Ph.D. Harmworth Associates President
Rodney Johnson None Accredited investor
Rodney Witten Banking Retired
Rodnwey Murdaugh Retired Retired
Rogelio F Madrazo retired, Chemical Engineer Consultant
Roger Bothwell US Government Employee Staff Surgeon
Roger C. Norris, Jr. Arye Able Roofing Co., Inc. President
Roger Gierhart None Retired Petroleum Engineer
roger gilmore none Civil Engineer, PE
Roger Hermann None Citizen
Roger Small Citizen Investment Advisor
Roland Pitts self Mr.
Rollie Wawrzyniak Citizen CPA, CFP
Roman Richardson ServiceLogix, Inc. CTO
Ron Auerbacher Mr. Holistic Health Practitioner
Ron Giordano Citizen PhD Engineering
Ron Jacobs Retired None
Ron Jamieson Retired US citizen. Concerned US citizen
Ron LaRock Assemblies of God Board Member
Ron M. Drey FRJ&PSV Principal & Founder
Ron McKeel Republican Engineer, retired
Ron Seeley none Concerned citizen
Ronald Asselborn Financial Planning Resources, LLC President & Registered Investment Adviser
Ronald Davis none Mr
Ronald G Larson University of Michigan G.G. Brown Professor of Chemical Engineering
ronald glass none toystore owner
Ronald H. Cohen Ronald H. Cohen, CPA Certified Public Accountant
Ronald Hill US Citizen Mechanical Engineer
Ronald J. Ellis 2SS.Com Managing Director
Ronald Jacobsen US citzen US citzen
Ronald K Watts Self-Employed Ph.D., Sociology, UCLA, 1981
Ronald King independent voter citizen
ronald lichtman registered democrat cpa
Ronald N. Karr Citizen Chairman, Finance Committee
Ronald P Weidner PLB Capital Partners Founder & CEO
Ronald Quinton None MD
Ronald Quinton Non MD
Ronald Randall, Inc. President
Ronald Roach Vice President - Merrill Lynch Senior Vice President
Ronald Rossen Heart associates CEO
Ronald Rotter educated US citizen mr.
Ronald Smith Retired Business Owner
Ronald Warrick US citizen, retired Engineer
Ronnie UPS Director of Finance
ronnie antik human race Mom, charity member, club member, party planner
Rose Pace Sterling Vacations Owner
Rose Ryder N/A N/A
Rosser B Melton, Jr. Retired Doctor of Science; Eminent Pro Se Litigant
Roxann M. Strid U.S. Citizen Housewife
Roy T Ratway Concerned Citizen Concerned Citizen
Roy Thomas Born citizen of the United States voter
rupert c curry jr none MD
Russ McCoy Business Owner President
Russ Reiling Retired D.V.M.
Russ Talone citizen CFP, CLU
Russell A. Osborn US citizen Actuary
Russell Chute None None
Russell K. Schaeffer The True Life Companies Cheif Operating Officer
Russell Risma Republican MD
Russell Willis concerned citizen Mr
Ryan A Lopez Catalyses Financial Analysis and Systems
Ryan Heathers Republican Business Owner
Ryan Hunsel None Physician of Medicine
ryan kerr citizen citizen
Ryan P Marshall Republican Physician
Ryan Poole U.S. Taxpayer Business Analyst
S Michael Ostow Citizen Esquire
S. Andy Claybrook, CPA/PFS, CFP Fee-Only Financial Solutions, PC President
S. Rappenecker fiscal conservative Concerned Citizen
Sally Sawyer Citizen Citizen
Sam Havelock Citizen/business leader CEO
Sam Missan Republican Analyst
Sam ODaniel None Concerned citizen
Sam Severance Independent Retired VP/GM
Sam Spagnolo Private Citizen Technology Manager
Sam Stuckey Phillips 66 Manager
Sam Treynor Truck Dealer Retired
Samantha Frison Concerned citizen Mrs.
Samantha Stella Independent Ms.
Sandra Gottschalk citizen Mrs
Sandra Minkkinen MIT Press retired
Sandra Worrel ISS Facility Services Chief Information Officer - Retired
Sanford G. Thatcher retired former Director, Penn State University Press
sanjiv s none mr
Sarah m hung Equity research Associate portfolio manager
Sarah m hunt Equity research Associate portfolio manager
Sarah Sue Roth University of California Graduate Student
Saravanan Kasthuri CIRC Healthcare provider
Scot Barham Harvard University CHS Facilities Manager
Scott A. Jones U.S. Citizen Small Business Owner
Scott Bailey Business Owner CEO
Scott Benjamin LPL Financial Financial Advisor
Scott Burns Universal Press Syndicate Columnist
Scott Carl Tricision, Inc. CEO
Scott Chate none Taxpayer
scott cook none. Businessman auctioneer
Scott Cox IHP Partner
Scott Dunphey None Mr.
Scott E Dietz NTV Asset Management, LLC President & CEO
Scott Hagberg None Concerned Citizen
Scott Leith Best Approach Publications General Manager
scott mason none Engineer
Scott Menard The True Life Companies President
Scott Priestley Self Senior Principle Scientist (PhD, Organic Chemistry)
Scott R. Dolla Business Owner Engineer
Scott Starkel None Mr.
Scott Strathouse Self Ph.D
Scott Stubbins Hilliard Lyons Public Finance Banker
Scott T. Fuller U.S. Citizen CEO
Scott William Berry General Atomics Manager, Advanced Development Project Engineering
Scott Williamson Investor and Concerned Father Private Investor
Sean Bajwa University of Rochester Student
Sean Brady none Managing Director
Sean Craig None Attorney
Sebastian F Bellomo Walker School of Business & Technology, Webster University, St Louis Missouri Adjunct Professor, and Special Projects Coordinator for the Dean
Seneca Hull Business Owner President
Seth Ferguson Stifel Managing Director
Shane Groen n/a Project Manager for Homeless Coalition.
Shane Key U.S. Citizen Taxpayer
Shannon Bass Voter Citizen
SHANTILAL D. DAND Retired Physician Dr. (MEDICINE)
Sharadee Allred Unaffiliated Financial Advisor
Sharon Best American Citizen Mrs.
Sharon Esterkyn none Housewife
Sharon Powers none none
Sharon Roberts Independent writer and speaker Professional Research, Analysis, and Commentary
Sharon Spigel Homemaker Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Sheldon Hamann farmer
Shelley Ferro Ferro Financial, LLC President
Sherman May Retired Professional Engineer
Sherri Kotar U.S. citizen none
Sherrie Gossett private citizen Digital media professional
Sheryl Stucky none - citizen VP Support, Actuarial Systems Corporation
Shoshana Klein none Ph.D. Psychologist
silvano senn dds citizen dds ms mnd
Simon ELEY Director Mr
Simon Hallett Private individual Mr
Simone Bunsen The University of Wisconsin- Madison Student
Sivarama Kavuri individual Introspector
Skip Ramsaur Veteran Grandpa
Skyler Norris Concerned Citizen QA Analyst
Sol Marquardt Freelance Investment Analyst
Sonia Ehrlich Sachs Columbia University Medical director of Millennium Villages Program
Spencer Anderson Indiana University Doctoral Student - Accounting
Spencer Gibson Independent Economics Student
Spencer Gordon Jr Retired/Investor Medical Doctor
Stan Druckenmiller Philantropist Investor, former Chairman and President of Duquesne Capital, Chairman of the Board of Harlem Children's Zone
Stan Hazen Decision Analyst, Inc. EVP, Client Services
Stanislaw Kresowski Private citizen Energy Industry Safety Consultant
Stanley Henderson Grayson College Professor of Mathematics
Stanley Michota Self employed Semi-retired
Stefan Brandle Taylor University Professor of Computer Science
Stefan Garcia Private Citizen/Business Owner President
Stefan Weiser U.S. Citizen None
Stefanie Schatzman Republican Party Shady Acres HOA Treasurer
Stephan Stegmayer Hochschule für Ökonomie und Management Dipl. sc. Pol; Dipl. Volkswirt
Stephan Yost Independent Principal
Stephen Abernathy Midwest Mole Vice President
stephen atkins democrat research analyst
Stephen D Bowe Concerned citizen of the USA Adjunct Professor of New Testament
Stephen Davis Hunter College (retired) Associate Professor of Art
Stephen Deddens United Airlines Captain
stephen diaute educational collection manager masters finance
Stephen Galliver None Software Developer
Stephen H. Tucker Concerned Citizen None
Stephen J. Olson Public School Teacher High School American Government-Economics Teacher
Stephen Johnson Retired CFO
Stephen Kovaka, CPA PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. Vice President - Finance
stephen Laffey Laffey Network LLC Owner
Stephen Lorson American Citizen Senior Inspector
Stephen Lusch University of Arizona Doctoral Student in Accounting
Stephen Pandolph Drs. Pandolph and Polansky , Family Practice M.D.
Stephen Q. Hodapp USA Retired corporate and government employee
Stephen R Parker Citizen Citizen
Stephen T. Skoly, Jr. Movie Producer Oral Surgeon
steve im an american citizen none
Steve Althaus I am a registered Republican, but I am more Libertarian Mr.
Steve Davis Private Practice Psychotherapist
Steve Han Watermark Management Corp. Programmer
steve hardy hardy investments llc president
steve hessel none retired architect
steve jewell General Electric Installation Consultant, Principal
Steve lefar Sg2 CEO
Steve Luebbering Republican CFO
Steve M Hardebeck Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Lead Engineer
Steve Margulieux taxpayer Engineer
Steve Miller Transparent Government Institute President
Steve Owen None Managing director, head of instl sales
Steve Potts Potts (Oil & Gas) Exploration, LLC VP Finance
steve powell east carolina university professor of surgery
steve weaver citizen concerned
Steve Williams Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Principal
Steven B Kurtz retired; currency derivatives expert and money mgr. was as Assistant Director at Merrill Lynch Int'l Bank in the early 80s
Steven Barker Patriotic American GOD loving Father and Grandfather
Steven Beese Citizen Director
Steven Bergman Taxpayer Concerned grandfather
Steven Bradley Private Businessman Real Estate Broker/investor specialist
Steven Buckman Buckman CEO
Steven Dray, CFA Professional Investor Portfolio M anager
Steven Dresner Us citizen Mr.
Steven Dvorak University of Arizona Professor
Steven Elgar CEO Sg2 CEO
Steven Hahn None Chemist
Steven Ham Private Citizen Lt Col, Retired
Steven Harris Voter Business Man and Parent
Steven Hartshorn U.S. citizen n/a
Steven Hirsch Brock Summerton Podcast Author
Steven J Burden Verizon Data Services Senior Software Engineer
Steven Kearns self Computer Scientist
Steven Mccann Mortgage Now Inc CEO
Steven McGee None Mr.
Steven Morrish Mauldin Financial Advisor
Steven Oswald LNR Property LLC Controller
Steven R. Haney ITT Technical Institute Adjunct Faculty
steven recker independent Physician Assistat
Steven Schwartz Wealth Design Services Prsident
Steven Todd Loyola University Chicago Associate Professor of Finance
Steven W Gray University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences MBA / Analyst
Steven W. Norton None PhD
Steven Williams Independent Senior vice president
Stewart Musket Retired Retired
Stewart Reed Mestek, Inc. Manager
stu bassman republican mr.
Stuart Eunson Democrat Managing Director
Stuart Herndon Republican Engineer
Sue Stember Citizen Mrs.
Sulaiman Saidu-Kamara Self Employed Life Insurance Agent Field Underwriting
Susan Harting Private US citizen
Susan C. Flaming, PhD concerned corporate leader and parent Corporate Sr. Manager
Susan L Moore Vault Moore Financial Strategies